Pain Relief Treatments That Work

Chronic pain affects not only your physical well being, but your emotional and social contentment as well.  The ageing Baby Boomers are not all growing old gracefully, and their demands for pain treatment are changing the face of the pain management industry.  Traditionally people visited their GPs when faced with both acute and chronic muscular or skeletal pain, but these days they are seeking specialist treatments at spas.  Once considered “alternative medicine”, destination spas are replacing doctors’ clinics because they provide cutting edge facilities and a relaxing environment to recover from accidents, illnesses, and injuries.

Day spas are a popular choice for temporary pain relief, but specialist destination spas offer unique programmes with the industry’s top practitioners that make pain management retreats a better choice for long term wellness.  The most effective pain management retreats last a minimum of 7 nights which is the least amount of time that your body needs for treatment, re-alignment and for the pain to be alleviated through a reduction in swelling.


The key benefits of a week-long physical renewal retreat are:

  • Get physical relief from your illness, accident, or injury.
  • Improve your posture
  • Get off pain medications
  • Create a long-term strategy to cope with or alleviate pain


The key therapies used during a week-long pain treatment programme are:

  • Hydrotherapy:  Techniques using thermal baths and a variety of showers are used to soothe the body, reduce swelling, improve circulation, and diminish stress.  Hydrotherapy has been particularly effective in treating rheumatism and digestive problems.
  • Balneotherapy:  The use of sea water in treatments is particularly popular in Europe, but this technique is used all over the world.  The medicinal properties of sea water date back to Roman times.  The minerals  absorbed through balneotherapy are especially used to treat arthritis pain and fibromyalgia.
  • Mud Treatment:  The use of mineral rich muds and algae administered through baths and wraps were once only thought of as important for beauty treatments, but are now seen as an effective mean to reduce pain associated with bone injuries and muscular problems. Heat packs made of mud, algae and herbs are used to treat back and joint discomfort.
  • Acupuncture:  This ancient Chinese practice has moved into mainstream Western medicine as it is painless and extremely beneficial in acute pain relief.  Performed frequently and correctly, acupuncture relieves not only muscular pain, but can treat digestive disorders and skin diseases as well.
  • Massage:  Various massage techniques (e.g., sports massage, shiatsu, hot stone massage, Thai herbal massage) are administered as appropriate to treat specific injuries.  Massage relieves discomfort caused from tension, stretches muscles, and re-aligns the body.  Relaxation allows the body to recover and triggers hormones that reduce pain and promote healing.
  • Physiotherapy:  Specialist therapists will evaluate you to create a customized rehabilitation programme to realign the body, strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility. State of the art tools will expedite the recovery process.
  • Education:  Classes, lectures, and reading materials will be provided to teach your more about your specific ailment and give you the knowledge necessary to treat yourself after you return home, prevent further injury, and lead a life free of pain.



  1. Parkhotel Igls, Austria – This medical spa’s  week-long Musculoskeletal System retreat is perfect if you suffer from back pain or joint discomfort.
  2. Chiva Som, Thailand – This holistic destination spa offers 3 – 14 night Phsyical Renewal retreats that focuses on pain management, posture alignment, and performance enhancement.


Do you have any tips for pain relief or a spa retreat that you can recommend?  Please let us know.

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