How You Know It's Time for a Detox

Almost anyone could benefit from a cleansing detox, but for some people a detox retreat is absolutely necessary. Here are some signs that might let you know that it is time for a serious detox:

  • Do you have health issues that can’t be diagnosed by a GP?
  • Do you feel tired all the time or excessively lethargic?
  • Do you have stubborn weight that you just can’t seem to shed?
  • Do you feel regularly bloated?
  • Do you get frequent headaches?
  • Do you have IBS or digestive problems?
  • Do you have fertility issues?
  • Do you need to balance your hormones?
  • Do you have blemished skin that isn’t responding to cosmetics and medicines?
  • Do you feel that you need a life changing experience to start leading a healthy lifestyle?

A detox holiday can help to permanently eliminate many of these problems not only by cleansing your system, but by preparing you with the life skills necessary to make a long term improvement to your life.

We are constantly surrounded by toxins in the air we breathe and we voluntarily fill ourselves with toxins in the foods we eat and the lifestyle choices we make.  Many people choose healthy holidays such as a detox retreat at a destination spa to feel cleansed and to lose weight, but a proper detox has far-reaching benefits that many people do not expect. A detox leaves you feeling invigorated and filled with vitality because it not only purifies your body, it relieves deep-rooted stress.

What you can expect

DIET: Most detox retreats last from 3 – 14 nights and take place at specialised destination spa retreats. Detox programmes consist of a specialised diet purposely formalised and personalised to your needs.  You will meet with doctors and nutritionists to discuss your medical history so that they can create a plan that addresses your problems.

EXERCISE: Detox isn’t diet alone, it involves an exercise regiment, usually including yoga to further purge the toxins from your body through intensive breathing and stretching. The postures in most yoga workouts are designed to relieve tension in muscles as well as release repressed emotions. Yoga also focuses on relaxation at the end of each workout, which is necessary to eliminate stress. Yoga is particularly popular for detox holidays because it combines body, mind, and spirit to leave you feeling powerful, refreshed, and hormonal balanced.

RELAXATION:  Stress relief is a big part of detoxing for a few reasons. Stress is not only the cause of many of the problems above, but it may also be root of why we subconsciously choose to fill ourselves with toxins in our daily life through smoking, caffeine, alcohol, and an unhealthy diet. Relaxation and pampering helps to physically eliminate toxins in the organs and muscles and can change your hormonal balance. Massages, masks, wraps, and hydrotherapy are also great ways to treat yourself during your retreat, as detox programmes can be very challenging both physically and psychologically for many people.

EDUCATION:  Through meetings, classes, and lectures with medical professionals, specialists, instructors, and peers, you will learn the skills necessary to make a positive change in your life and maintain the progress you have made on holiday once you return home. You will be educated in nutrition, exercise, stress management and lifestyle choices to better understand yourself and be empowered.


We recommend a detox holiday to anyone who is looking for a wellness retreat where they can not improve their physical health, but can also grow personally. Each spa has their speciality detox retreats and there are specific detox programmes to address certain issues, so it’s best to speak a member of our team who will help you to find the best retreat for your needs. 

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