Five Reasons Why You Must Visit Switzerland For Your Next Wellness Holiday

Switzerland is a wonderful choice for a wellness holiday, as the air is unbelievably fresh, the views are breath-taking and the expertise is second-to-none.

Whether you visit in the snowy winter months or the sunny summer months, there is so much to do in Switzerland for wellness enthusiasts. Here are just five reasons why must visit this extraordinary country for your next wellness trip.

1. Fresh alpine air
Not only is Switzerland very beautiful, the country is also famed for the clean and fresh air to the point that some companies have decided to sell canned air collected from various locations around the Swiss Alps to residents of heavily polluted cities elsewhere in the world!

2. World class medical spas
Switzerland is a serious wellness destination where you can have almost any ailment checked. Think medi-spa meets pampering with an army of experienced doctors on hand. Have a thorough medical check-up where everything from weight reduction, nutrition, cardio-vascular disease or diabetes can be treated. Some of the very best include Grand Resort Bad RagazClinique La Prairie and La Reserve Geneve

3. The scenery
Switzerland has some of the most incredible scenery in Europe, thanks to the majestic Swiss Alps. Even if you're not skiing or hiking in the Alps, just looking at them is life changing enough.

4. Thermal waters
After all that walking and hiking, soothe your tense muscles and aching joints by visiting one of Switzerland’s many thermal baths. With a 2000-year history of tapping their thermal springs, you can be sure that you are in good hands of the Swiss, the experts in water-based wellness.

5. It’s just a short flight from the UK
The Swiss cities of Basel, Zurich and Geneva are just a 90 minute flight from the UK, which means you’ll be at your retreat and starting your wellness programme before you know it.

6. It's easy to get around
Exploring Switzerland has never been easier! For foreign guests, the all-in-one ticket Swiss Travel Pass is the key to Switzerland’s public transport network. This single ticket enables visitors to explore Switzerland from end to end by train, bus and boat on 3, 4, 8 or 15 consecutive days. You can find more information on the pass here 

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