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07/02/2024, Healing Holidays

Welcome to a world of love, connection, and pure bliss - the realm of Romantic Retreats. If you're yearning for a getaway that rekindles the flames of love or simply want to celebrate your special bond, you've come to the right place.

Picture a serene escape with your beloved, where every moment celebrates your love story. From idyllic beaches and charming cottages to luxurious spa treatments and candlelit dinners, romantic retreats offer the perfect stage for your love to shine. Whether you're a couple seeking tranquility, adventure, or simply the joy of each other's company, these retreats are here to make your love story truly unforgettable.

So, join us here at Healing Holidays on this romantic journey and explore the enchanting benefits, captivating programmes, and dreamy destinations that await you in the world of Romantic Retreats.


Deciding to go on a romantic retreat with your partner in crime is a beautiful way to celebrate your love and nurture your relationship. Here are some of the best benefits that come from a romantic retreat:

  • Quality Time: A romantic retreat provides dedicated time away from everyday distractions, allowing you to focus solely on each other.
  • Rekindled Romance: It's a chance to reignite the flames of passion and rediscover the spark that brought you together.
  • Improved Communication: The relaxed setting promotes open and honest conversations, strengthening your connection.
  • Bond Strengthening: Shared experiences, from exploring new places to trying new activities, strengthen your emotional bond.
  • Enhanced Intimacy: The intimate setting can reignite physical intimacy, bringing you closer.
  • Renewed Focus: It's a time to refocus on your partner, relationship, and shared future.
  • Emotional Recharge: Returning from a retreat, you're often recharged and ready to face life's challenges together.


Healing Holidays offers loads of romantic retreats around the world in some of the dreamiest and magical places you could ever imagine. Whether you are looking to relax and recharge hand-in-hand while in a tropical paradise or escape into the mountains to be secluded in nature with the one you love, there is bound to be a retreat that is perfectly paired to match your relationship.

Chenot Couples Programme at Selman Marrakech, Morocco

Located at the base of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, you'll discover the Selman Marrakech. Crafted by the globally acclaimed architect and designer Jacques Garcia, it stands as a haven of grace, well-being, and serenity just beyond the historic city walls of Marrakech.

The Chenot Couples program at Selman Marrakech offers a wellness experience for partners looking to embark on a journey together. This 2-night retreat presents a golden opportunity to cherish quality time with your significant other while indulging in treatments like facials, massages, and a traditional Moroccan Hammam experience. As you both bid farewell to the retreat, you'll be re-energised and prepared to tackle the everyday challenges that await.

Chenot Couples Programme at Selman Marrakech, Morocco

Energy & Healing For Two Programme at Preidlhof, Italy

Preidlhof is the place to restore your total physical and emotional well-being and to reconcile your senses with your spirit. Set in the heart of the South Tyrolean hillside with views over the Vinschgau Valley, Peidlhof offers an opportunity for personal regeneration.

The Preidlhof Energy & Healing For Two programme is perfectly tailored for couples looking to enhance their health and well-being in unison. Across a five-day span, you'll partake in both individual and shared treatments designed to impart a sense of vitality, joy, and heightened mindfulness. This includes sessions of Yoga and Qi Gong, and a range of relaxation-inducing treatments, such as volcanic mud therapy.

Energy & Healing For Two Programme at Preidlhof, Italy

Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa, Mauritius

Resting on one of the finest beaches in Mauritius, Shanti Maurice offers an impressive collection of luxurious private villas with unrivaled views of the surrounding landscape. It’s the ideal option for couples looking for a tropical romantic retreat. Shanti Maurice is very much in touch with nature with holistic treatments and therapies that harness the power of nature for relaxation and rejuvenation.

It features four distinct and deluxe spa stations and is known for its healing qualities that can help you and your partner connect with your spirituality and to be at one with the world. For the ultimate romantic retreat getaway at Shanti Maurice or to test the waters before committing, consider this 7-night programme. 

TIA Wellness Resort, Vietnam

TIA Wellness Resort stands out as a truly unique romantic retreat destination, gracing the shores of My Khe Beach in Da Nang, Vietnam. As Asia's inaugural and exclusive all-spa-inclusive retreat, TIA Wellness Resort reimagines the spa experience, integrating holistic well-being into your daily routine. Wellness isn't just a concept; it's a lifestyle that you are warmly encouraged to embrace and reap the benefits both individually and as a couple.

TIA Wellness Resort, Vietnam

Schloss Elmau, Germany

Hidden deep in Germany’s Bavarian Alps, Schloss Elmau is perfect for couples seeking a romantic retreat getaway. Home to not one spa but six, including the largest Hammam west of Istanbul, there are multiple heated pools, saunas, and an impressive spa menu featuring a selection of soothing and healing treatments ranging from Abhyanga to Shiatsu, Thai massages to Hammam scrubs. For couples seeking a romantic escape, this 3-night package is tailored to provide a short yet deeply rejuvenating break. You'll depart feeling thoroughly relaxed and revitalised, making it an ideal choice for a romantic retreat.

Schloss Elmau, Germany

Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal

Six Senses Douro Valley in Portugal blends nature's gifts with world-class spa offerings, making it a great destination for couples seeking a romantic retreat. This spa, deeply connected to its surroundings, features ten treatment rooms, an organic pharmacy, an indoor pool, Yoga and Pilates pavilions, a gym, and specialised Ayurveda rooms. Beyond relaxation and bonding, you can explore the area via mountain bikes and kayaking, unwind in meditation pods, and benefit from cutting-edge wellness screenings. Plus, Six Senses offers profound programmes, including shamanic healing and mitochondrial analysis, ensuring a transformative retreat for couples.

Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal

In conclusion, romantic retreats provide couples with the perfect escape to rekindle their love, deepen their connection, and create lasting memories together. The benefits of these retreats go far beyond the destination, encompassing relaxation, adventure, and the opportunity to focus on each other. Whether you're dreaming of a secluded beach getaway or a cozy cabin in the mountains, there's a romantic retreat waiting to ignite the passion in your relationship. To plan your next romantic escape and design the perfect experience for you and your partner, contact Healing Holidays. Let us help you make your romantic retreat dreams come true.

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