The Definitive Method To Quit Smoking at SHA Wellness Clinic

09/05/2013, SHA Wellness Clinic

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to quit smoking? Have you managed to stay strong-willed? With SHA Wellness Clinic’s Anti-Tobacco Programme not only do they help you overcome this challenge but they also provide some tips to stop smoking and not relapse.

SHA has created a specific Anti-Tobacco programme with the help of natural therapies and complements the treatment with beneficial guidelines and useful tips to stop smoking.

“Quitting smoking is not only possible but also highly recommended and we make it easier thanks to our programme designed to stop smoking,” says Dr Vincent Mera, head of internal medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic. “The treatment involves prior knowledge of the person's addiction and it analyses the physical and psychological conditions of each person,” said Mera, who after making a heart and lung check, proceeds with the implementation of the anti-smoking treatment through individualised and customised techniques that range from acupuncture to magnetic therapy.

“The goals of the treatment are maintained with the help of the SHA diet that combats the symptoms of withdrawal, whilst boosting metabolism,” says Dr Mera.

Throughout the duration of the programme, there is also thorough monitoring, counselling sessions, assessments with a personal trainer, group activities such as yoga or tai chi and free access to the hydrotherapy circuit for a pleasant and satisfying stay. After you leave, you will receive a personalised health plan that will allow you to continue the routine from home.

In this interview, Dr Vicente Mera answers some frequently asked questions about this treatment and provides some advice for smoking cessation.

1. Is it possible to stop smoking in a simple way?

Indeed, the smoker requires motivation in order to justify stopping smoking and full conviction that the goal can be achieved. They also need the determination to give up and enough perseverance to complete the process happily without relapse.
Regarding the methods, SHA Wellness Clinic offers a customised programme which involves a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to the peculiarities of each patient from a physical, mental, and social perspective.

2. What does this treatment consist of?

In the first phase of diagnosis the scope and severity of dependence are discussed and the consequences of smoking on the patient's physical, psychological and social life. The causes that have led to initiate and perpetuate the habit must be identified.

In the second phase, a comprehensive, multidisciplinary strategy for the cessation of addictive behaviour is provided.

You begin to apply the SHA method based on natural techniques covering these three aspects: healthy diet, exercise as directed by a personal trainer and relaxation (psychotherapy, coaching, hypnosis), breathing (yoga), body energy (acupuncture, reflexology, moxibustion), body surface area (massages, wraps, shiatsu), water (sauna, aerobics) and other miscellaneous tools.
Only when necessary and under strict medical supervision can appropriate pharmacological support be used (nicotine replacement, bupropion, varenicline, benzodiazepines)

Finally, future tactics are designed to prevent relapse when the patient returns to the much more hostile environment of everyday life.

3. What are the key benefits for the body when you quit smoking?

After half an hour without smoking, blood pressure, heart rate and the temperature of hands and feet return to normal. Meanwhile, the levels of carbon monoxide and oxygen are normalised after eight hours, allowing improved oxygenation and deeper pulmonary breathing. After 48 hours your sense of taste and smell return to normal. Normal breathing resumes after 72 hours. After three months the power returns to the lungs and muscular activity increases. Bronchial drainage and the risk of infections in the first year decreases. Bad breath disappears and the smell of your clothes and house improves. The yellowing in your hands and nails disappears and skin hydration improves, giving you smoother skin and fewer wrinkles.

After five years without smoking the risk of lung cancer is that of non-smokers, reducing colds and throat discomfort, and there is less chance of having thrombosis and/or a stroke.

From a psychological perspective, you have newfound freedom not being subject to the power of this addiction.

4. What are the chances of success?

From the patients who have followed the anti-smoking programme, the initial cessation rate of smoking is almost 100%.

If you are interested in joining SHA Wellness Clinic on their 7 Night Anti-Tobacco Pogramme or any of our other stop smoking programmes then speak to one of our wellness consultants on 020 7843 3597 or contact us.

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