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Dr Vincente Mera - SHA Wellness Clinic

Dr Vicente Mera is the head of Internal Medicine and Anti-ageing at SHA Wellness Clinic. He has 25 years in his profession and has taken the time to speak to Healing Holidays and to shares his advice, hints and tips when it comes to quitting smoking.

What benefits do you get form embarking on a programme, rather than going solo?

The process of quitting tobacco is based on three cornerstones;Information, Decision (to act according to the information received). Time (to execute the decisions).

There is a huge amount of knowledge concerning the risks of smoking. Therefore, if you are struggling to decide or you have a lack of time, a professional's help is needed. Due to nicotine addiction, smokers generally show a lack in strong, or in some cases any type of willpower. It is hard to banish the habit when the toxic dependence is very high – so an experts help is always advised. Planned long-term strategies and immediate tactics certainly reduces the time that must be spent before the end goal is achieved

What are the points of struggle that someone trying to quit smoking can expect?

Deciding to give up is not difficult part. The problem is deciding when to start and where to find appropriate help. However, it’s being focused enough not to relapse back, and return to your nicotine ways.

How long on average does it take? (If a time can be put on this?)

A book entitled "I gave up smoking" must be read by any smoker considering giving up. The book is only made up of three chapters - chapter two "How I stopped smoking" should not take more than a week's time if the SHA method is then followed. Standard smokers normally need the rest of their lives before they can finish the last chapter "How not to smoke again”.

What does this treatment consist of?

The first phase of diagnosis is to understand the scope and severity of the individuals’ dependence on nicotine. We will then look into the personal consequences of smoking focusing on the physical, psychological, familial and socio-patient. As you begin to apply the SHA method they will cover several aspects of the SHA method: healthy diet, exercise as directed by a personal trainer and relaxation through psychotherapy, coaching, hypnosis, yoga, acupuncture, reflexology, moxibustion, massages, wraps, shiatsu, sauna and aerobics.

NOTE - Only when necessary and under strict medical supervision would it be necessary to use appropriate pharmacological support.

Finally future tactics are designed to prevent relapse (early and late) for when the patient returns to the much more hostile environment of everyday life.

Tip to a smoker who is thinking about quitting?

Please make the decision to quit sooner rather than later. If you are overweight it is a serious health concern. The SHA method is the only programme in the world that is going to help you both quit smoking and loss weight at the same time.

If you are interested in joining SHA Wellness Clinic on their 7 Night Anti-Tobacco Pogramme then speak to one of our wellness consultants on 020 7843 3597 or email info@healingholidays.co.uk.

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