What is the 'Henri Chenot' Detox Method?

With almost fifty years of research and professional experience, Chenot has developed and refined a unique method comprising of specific treatments and diet plans that in synergy, work to support and stimulate the body to eliminate toxins, increase vitality, energy levels and rebalance the body's physiology. The success of this method lies in the research-driven approach to diagnostics and to the way treatments are carefully inter-woven, seamlessly layered and thoughtfully connected.


It all started 50 years ago and evolved around the vision and passion of Henri Chenot and his methods for disease prevention and health promotion, through detox treatments and lifestyle interventions. An advocate of prevention rather than cure, Henri Chenot as early as the 1970s emphasised the importance of caring for and investing in our health and wellness from the earliest possible age. Chenot was early to see that we are in optimum health when our body, mind and spirit work in harmony and transmit a deep sense of peace and happiness. When this harmony breaks or is lacking, our body accumulates damage faster than it should, toxins build up and our health deteriorates. Henri Chenot integrated health into wellness with a meaning of energy, efficiency, performance and vitality. He combined the latest scientific advances in Western medicine and diagnostics, with the best in Chinese healing and alternative medicines to create his revolutionary approach to promote wellness. This led to the development of the Chenot Method® of resetting the physiology of the body, which is now implemented in Chenot spas as the core therapeutic approach.


They do not treat disease instead they promote wellness with preventative and health-promoting actions. The aim is to work in a proactive way and not just from a repair point of view. In this method, there is a holistic vision of the body and thus a multidisciplinary approach is adopted in this method. The protocols of the implemented treatments are collectively known as the Chenot Method®. These combine the principles of traditional Chinese medicine with the latest scientific advances in western classical medicine and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology.

The Chenot Method® looks with scientific accuracy at an important array of biomarkers within the body. These are known as the Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers® and allow the personalisation of your treatment plan. They also assess what is impacting your ageing process from your lifestyle and they also determine your Vitality Index.

The Vitality Index is a monitoring and marker system. It measures your vitality status. Think of it as your sophisticated wellness score. Over the course of your programme, you will then receive a set of bespoke treatments and diet plans. These work in synergy to stimulate the body to eliminate toxins, increase vitality, energy levels, and to rebalance its physiology.

What is the 'Henri Chenot' Detox Method? with Healing Holidays!


The Chenot Method® is unique in its application in that, it integrates and transmits energetic, physical and emotional signals to the body. The activation of the energy channels, the stimulation of targeted physiological functions, the detoxification techniques, along with the Chenot Diet® and the Chenot products, are all combined to act as positive stressors to trigger preventative, repairing and rejuvenating actions.

The body, in turn, responds by building up its own internal medicine and regains energy, functional capacity and inner harmony and preserves these benefits over a long period of time. The personalised treatments are powerful, effective and adjusted throughout the programme by the health professionals, to help the body and mind reach their optimum activity level. The strength of the Chenot Method® lies in the way that it supports the natural healing mechanisms of the body and makes this process more efficient.

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