A Mindfulness Exercise to Energise Body and Mind

Karina Stewart - Kamalaya

Slowing down in a mindful way is an effective way to reduce your stress.  This Mindfulness exercise is a five minute practice which energizes your body and mind.

Please sit in a comfortable posture. Keep your arms loose and relaxed by your sides.

Step 1: close your eyes. Gently slow down the movements of your body. Feel the energy flow and be aware of the sensations in your body. (1 minute)
Step 2: bring your attention to your breathing and slow it down gently. (1 minute)
Step 3: observe the thought process in you. If your thoughts are racing, become aware of them. They will slow down automatically.  (1 minute)
Step 4: open your eyes. Observe people and nature around you. Slow down your activity (drinking a glass of water or tea. Do not engage in browsing or reading books. If you are distracted too much, just be with eyes closed and follow your breath). Feel the sensory inputs and experience them with awareness and attention. (2 minutes)

You can repeat this exercise when you feel stressed out, tired or when you have a break during the day at home or in your workplace.

A guest blog post from Healing Expert Karina Stewart, co-founder of Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary

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