The Best 7 Wellness Retreats For Men In 2022 Recommended By Our Experts

31/10/2022, Healing Holidays

Spa and Wellness Holidays are no longer solely the preserve of women. More and more men are taking charge of their health, choosing to ‘man up’ and do what they need to do to feel tip-top again. Men are no longer shy about sharing, and are happy to discuss their needs for better emotional and mental health. There are lots of great places that are brilliant for them to find their Wellness solution, and below are Healing Holidays' favourites for 2022/2023, handpicked by our wellness experts.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

Under the watchful eye of SHA’s leading man, Dr Bruno Ribeiro, you can deal with issues that are challenging your mental and physical health head on. You will be given the tools to improve general health, and to manage your stress and anxiety. You can have a full neuro feedback following an analysis of your brainwaves by Dr Ribeiro, and this will be accompanied by coaching and mentoring sessions which will show what your anxiety triggers are, and how to stop them in their tracks before they take hold. SHA is also an all-round medical marvel, so you can have a full medical MOT, including allergy testing and a complete hormone profile, and with endless days of sunshine and only a short flight away, it’s a no brainer.

Suggested Programme: Healthy Ageing Men

The Best 7 Wellness Retreats For Men In 2022 Recommended By Our Experts

Palazzo Fiuggi, Italy

This is arguably one of the most impressive new Spa openings in the last ten years, with an iron-fisted approach to men’s’ wellness. Perched in the hills south of Rome, this dazzling newcomer has taken up residence in one of Europe’s grandest palazzos. The programmes are firmly 21st century in design, and cover Detox, Weight Loss, Longevity and Fitness. There is a medical team comprising of a team of eight specialist doctors that focus on the pathological pathways which link metabolic and cognitive diseases with the ageing process, and you can expect the very best diagnostics, from heart and liver evaluations to bone-density scans. Hi-tech solutions range from cryotherapy to personalised infusions, binaural sleep therapies and one-to-one training in the former ballroom, (climb aboard the Icaros, which helps improve core muscles via virtual reality). One of the trainers is ex-Lazio Football Club, so you can chat football whilst he pushes you to the very limit. This is 21st century men’s wellness at its very best.

Suggested Programme: Ageing Well

The Best 7 Wellness Retreats For Men In 2022 Recommended By Our Experts

Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

Like a Swiss watch, there is something very reassuring about Swiss expertise, and most definitely this is the case with the pioneering leader in medical and preventative medicine - Clinique la Prairie. Armed with a team of over 50 medical specialists, you will be examined inside and out. They will explore your DNA for any red flags, assess your vitamin deficiency and turbo boost your immune system with your own tailored IV drip. Clinique La Prairie is a multi-award-winning medical spa offering Retreat options that are bespoke to you, covering all aspects of health from weight management and detox to healthy ageing, and of course it is home to the innovative Beauty Stem Cell. Food is delectable with menus tailored to your preferences, and whilst this is a very top medical facility, no compromise has been made on luxury.

Suggested Programme: Master Detox

The Best 7 Wellness Retreats For Men In 2022 Recommended By Our Experts

Chiva Som, Thailand

This is an internationally-acclaimed world leader in health and wellness, and is perfect for the male Spa consumer. You start with your in-depth personalised consultation to see where you want focus - if you want to get fit, then arguably this is one of the very best places. You can mix between Muay Thai and Pilates, aqua aerobics or running on the beach with your trainer. You set the pace and decide the method. If stress is the issue, you can have acupuncture to tame your adrenals, learn how to breathe to induce instant calmness, or enjoy some stretching to ease the stresses out of your limbs. There are brilliant Weight Loss and Detox programmes too, as well as a huge array of treatments to choose from, and as phones and computers are banned in all public places, it’s a great place for a Digital Detox too.

Suggested Programme: Optimal Performance

The Best 7 Wellness Retreats For Men In 2022 Recommended By Our Experts

RAKxa Wellness, Thailand 

RAKxa is a fully integrative wellness and medical retreat like no other, offering state-of-the-art diagnostics where you can go to have a full Medical MOT and a comprehensive Men’s Health check, in tandem with a Detox, Weight Loss or Fitness Programme. All the trainers are physiotherapists, so you can expect a training schedule totally targeted to your exacting needs. The facilities and treatment menu is vast, and the facilities world class. The accommodation is of an exceptional level, with walled private villas, most with your own pool. The food is varied and each morsel will satisfy even the most demanding of palettes. It’s an easy 45 minute transfer from Bangkok airport, but a world away from the bustle of the city. This is wellness at its very best.

Suggested Programme: Mobilisation

The Best 7 Wellness Retreats For Men In 2022 Recommended By Our Experts

Vana, India 

This modern day ashram is the perfect place to escape for a reset. You will be fully supported by a team of experts whose fusion of Eastern and Western wisdom delivers big. Bringing together Ayurveda, Sowa Rigpa, Yoga, natural therapies, spa, fitness and aqua, this retreat provides many paths to start the journey towards greater personal wellbeing. If you are at a crossroad in your life, or if life stresses have become just too much, Vana is the place to go. Treatments are prescribed according to your objectives, medical conditions and your dosha, (Ayurveda body type). Vana quite simply is exquisite - it’s a life-changing, profound experience, and is somewhere to connect with your inner stillness.

Suggested Programme: Personalised Programme

The Best 7 Wellness Retreats For Men In 2022 Recommended By Our Experts

Palace Merano, Italy

“Health for life” is the motto at this established wellness Spa in Italy. The focus is on Better Ageing and Detoxification combined with deep diagnostics. It’s offers a fusion of Eastern and Western medicine to get the body’s energy flowing freely along the meridians defined by traditional Chinese medicine—and Detox, accomplished via lymphatic drainage massage and a plant-based diet heavy on hypo-allergenic food. Fitness and movement are also key and can vary from Pilates to Nordic Walking outdoors in the stunning Italian mountainside. There is no compromise on luxury either - it is, after all, an old palace, so you can expect old world Italian grandeur.

Suggested Programme: Detox Revival & Sport

The Best 7 Wellness Retreats For Men In 2022 Recommended By Our Experts

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