Waldhotel at Buergenstock Resort

Waldhotel at Buergenstock Resort

Switzerland, Europe

Surrounded by the lush meadows, green forests and crystal clear waters of Lake Lucerne is the Waldhotel Health and Medical Excellence Resort.

The hotel's services follow the philosophy of providing a holistic health retreat and medical care sanctuary the whole year-round. It brings a new approach to customer care that focuses on the highest Swiss medical quality and expertise as well as a comfortable and exclusive healing holiday retreat.

Through their tailor-made programmes, innovative cuisine and cutting-edge medical and spa treatments, guests can expect to re-energise, re-set, de-stress, detox, relax and find inner balance through restorative medical methods at a one-of-a-kind destination.

   Nearest Airport: Zurich
   Transfer Time: Approx. 90 minutes

Sharing from £1329.00£1329.00 pp
Singles from £1895.00£1895.00 pp

Including transfers, accommodation, half board and a 3 night programme

Recommended for

Detox | Weight Management | Medical Spa

Room Types

The Waldhotel Spa covers everything from spa and massage therapies to stem cell treatments, and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing programmes.

De-stress massageRegeneration massageDetox massageCoffee peeling
Seaweed wrapFacialsHammamPhysiotherapy
Classical water therapyCryolipolysis Manicures Pedicures
  • An individually tailored diet  designed to optimise your wellbeing 
  • Waldhotel Colour Cuisine by Chef Martin Stein using the philosophy of eating foods of certain colours on certain days
  • At the Verbena Restaurant & Bar, healthy, colourful, innovative and creative nutrition is created by the kitchen manager, Martin Stein 
  • Experience the Cooking Lab where you can learn how to cook healthy foods
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Paragliding
  • Golf
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Canoeing
  • Kitesurfing
  • Sailing
  • Painting
  • Mandala
  • 32°C Indoor pool with counter current system
  • 35°C Outdoor pool with various massage nozzles
  • 35°C and 16°C Kneipp warm and cold pool
  • Vital Dome – detox infra-red lounger
  • Thermo spa lounger
  • 80°C Finnish sauna
  • 60°C Aroma sauna
  • 50°C Hammam
  • 10°C Ice room
  • 30°C Salt grotto
  • 60°C Bio sauna
  • Library
  • Games room
  • Herb garden
  • Indoor and outdoor tennis courts
  • Waldtique
  • Dental Clinic
  • On-site fully equipped Medical Centre with 24-hour medical care

The Waldhotel is located in the heart of Switzerland and is surrounded by the lush meadows, green forests and crystal clear waters of Lake Lucerne.

Directions to Waldhotel at Buergenstock Resort

Travelling by plane

  • Zurich Airport - approx. 90 mins (65 km)

Healing Holidays Special Offers

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Receive a free upgrade to an Executive Room with Sun Balcony
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Waldhotel Body & Mind Balance
Waldhotel at Buergenstock Resort | Switzerland
3 nights

Bring your body, mind and spirit into balance and benefit from nature and the energy that is radiated by the Bürgenberg Mountain. In this oasis of tranquillity, Waldhotel will help you find your inner peace and the deepest relaxation. Begin your journey to rediscover yourself and your inner ba…

Sharing from £1329.00£1329.00 pp
Singles from £1895.00£1895.00 pp
Waldhotel Check Up
Waldhotel at Buergenstock Resort | Switzerland
3 nights

In perfect harmony with Waldhotel's programmes, the comprehensive check-up is the basis for any further examinations and treatments to support the maintenance of your health and well-being.Your lifestyle and nutrition balance, together with your genetic marks, define your health profile and enh…

Sharing from £3249.00£3249.00 pp
Singles from £3815.00£3815.00 pp
Waldhotel Mobility & Activity
Waldhotel at Buergenstock Resort | Switzerland
4 nights

Mobility and activity have a great influence on our quality of life. Rely on the modern infrastructure, expert specialists and the power of nature for your preventative medicine. Your health is the main concern – holistically and professionally focusing on their unique biographies, their spec…

Sharing from £4665.00£4665.00 pp
Singles from £5415.00£5415.00 pp
Waldhotel Detox Yoga
Waldhotel at Buergenstock Resort | Switzerland
6 nights

An advanced program defined as a combination of energizing and restorative yoga techniques, meditation sessions and pranayama supported by a detoxing diet following the innovative Waldhotel Colour Cuisine method, will leave you feeling re-energized and full of vitality. The program was designed to …

Sharing from £4999.00£4999.00 pp
Singles from £5929.00£5929.00 pp
Waldhotel Cardio Check Pro
Waldhotel at Buergenstock Resort | Switzerland
4 nights

The stress and hectic pace of our everyday lives can have a negative impact on our health, one of the major effects that stress can have on our bodies is cardiovascular issues. The heart is the organ that is central to our existence and, with the right preventative care, it allows us to live our li…

Sharing from £5165.00£5165.00 pp
Singles from £5915.00£5915.00 pp
Waldhotel Detox Pro
Waldhotel at Buergenstock Resort | Switzerland
7 or 14 nights

The Detox Pro retreat is focused on providing its visitors with balanced nutrition, complemented by personalized movement screen programs and profound relaxation techniques. They have launched a unique dietary principle called Waldhotel Colour Cuisine (WCC). The method, known for its simple princip…

Sharing from £6249.00£6249.00 pp
Singles from £7559.00£7559.00 pp
Waldhotel Weight Loss Pro
Waldhotel at Buergenstock Resort | Switzerland
7 or 14 nights

Fostering the strength and beauty of our bodies will allow us to nurture and maintain our young spirits. Developing regular physical activities are fundamental for our health and overall well-being helping us to identify our optimum balance.Weight Loss Pro is a programme designed for…

Sharing from £7199.00£7199.00 pp
Singles from £8519.00£8519.00 pp
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