Hiking For Longevity

Palazzo Fiuggi , Italy

Reserved for just 15 guests each week, the benefits of hiking are highlighted and measured scientifically in Palazzo Fiuggi’s dedicated programme ‘Hiking for Longevity.

An initial medical assessment evaluates your overall starting condition, whilst a final medical visit assesses the benefits you've achieved at the end of the programme. The hiking paths used in the programme are thoughtfully designed to immerse participants in the captivating panorama of the Apennines, enhancing the mindful hiking experience.

Alongside daily hiking, you'll also enjoy a daily personalised massage, daily Yoga, access to Palazzo Fiuggi's thalassotherapy pools and a Mediterranean-inspired meal plan prepared by renowned three-Michelin-star chef, Heinz Beck and his team.

You'll return home feeling fitter and stronger and with a renewed sense of health and wellbeing.

  • You'll feel fitter and stronger
  • It'll reduce the level of toxins in your body
  • Your overall physical and mental wellbeing will be improved

Please note: The 6-night programme starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday

Sharing from £5969.00£5969.00 pp
Singles from £7399.00£7399.00 pp

Including transfers, accommodation, full board and a 6 night programme

Standard Inclusions
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Full Board
6 Nights

This 6-night programme has the below inclusions. For more explanation on any of the wellness treatments please refer to our Glossary.  

  • Medical Treatments
  • 2x Medical visits (on arrival and on departure)
  • 2x Basic blood tests (on arrival and on departure)
  • 1x Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Health check up
  • 2x Bioimpedance (BIA) for the assessment of body composition (on arrival and on departure)
  • Holistic & Wellness Treatment
  • 2x Group access to the Thalassotherapy pools
  • 5x Personalised massages
  • 1x Consultation and biomechanical evaluation of HPM (on arrival and on departure)
    Unique assessment suitable for sportsmen of all levels and for the person who wants to undertake a recovery path towards physical activity. Path of awareness and knowledge of one's fitness, physiology and potential aptitudes, through an in-depth analysis of body functions: posture, movement dynamics, flexibility, reactivity, stability, strength, functionality of the core and spine. This evaluation can be also useful for rehabilitation, sporting purposes or simply as a preventive or maintenance measure.
  • Nutrition
  • Heinz Beck food line: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Herbal infusions from the world's oldest pharmacy
  • Therapeutic Fiuggi water directly from the source
  • Movement Lab
  • 5x Yoga group classes (45 mins)
  • 5x Hiking sessions (3-3.5 hrs)
  • 5x Post-hiking stretching group class (45 mins)
  • 5x HPM movement experiences
    Every wellness journey goes through a moment of analysis and evaluation. Thanks to a unique set of tools and professionals, HPM can evaluate the functional capabilities of the person through an in-depth biomechanical test. Posture, Strength, Stability and Reactivity are just some of the keywords that define HPM's areas of intervention. The analyses of the biomechanics laboratory of Palazzo Fiuggi allow you to better guide physical exercise and therapeutic training. From here they can start to improve the person, plan training and solve simple everyday musculoskeletal problems.
Price [01 Jan - 31 Dec 2024]
From £5,969.00 per person for double occupancy
From £7,399.00 per person for single occupancy

** Please ask for our supplement for twin sharing rooms.

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