Anti-Stress Programme

Ayurveda Parkschlosschen , Germany

In an ideal world, we would all be able to experience inner peace and serenity each and every day to help us lead a happy and healthy life, however the stresses of life can often get in the way of this.

The pressure of day to day life can often lower not just our mood but energy, leaving us in need of a solution to this endless cycle. The Anti-Stress Programme aims to provide a long term solution to the daily stress and improve your health throughout your stay.

Harmonising full-body synchronous oilmassages, a clarifying herbal steam bath and mild cleansing of the digestive tract activate the body's own detox functions gently and effectively. The result is regained energy and a strengthened immune system and lowered stress levels.

Sharing from £2785.00£2785.00 pp
Singles from £3115.00£3115.00 pp

Including accommodation, full board and a 7 day programme

Standard Inclusions
  • Accommodation
  • Full Board
7 Days

This 7 day programme has the below inclusions:

  • 1x Abhyanga massage
  • 1x Svedana treatment
  • 1x Udvartana toning and strengthening massage
  • 1x Shirodara therapy
  • 1x Vishesh deep tissue massage
  • 1x Padabhyanga – foot massage
  • 1x Pizzichilli oil treatment
  • 3x Gentle internal detoxification,
  • Ayurvedic medical support during your stay
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