The Times Luxx - Like a Virgin

05/09/2020, The Times Luxx, Alice BB

Alice B-B relishes being touched in her first post-lockdown treatment at Chenot Palace Weggis, Switzerland.

"But what I really love about Chenot is that it’s not about diets or weight loss (although there can be a welcome side-effect; I leave minus my lockdown arse). Instead, the reduced-calorie Mediterranean menu – which topped a Harvard analysis of 39 diets for reducing heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and certain cancers – helps the body to expel toxins as well as recalibrating poor lifestyle choices that may well have started in childhood. Unlike the culinary misery of Mayr-based establishments, in which the staple buckwheat toast and sheep yoghurt makes you hangry and is unsustainable in real life, one of the joys of Chenot is the Michelin-star type fireworks that emerge from the kitchen, created without salt, sugar, butter, white flour, alcohol and the rest."

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