Palazzo Fiuggi Launches New High Performance Fitness Method

16/02/2024, Healing Holidays

Palazzo Fiuggi, the award-winning Medical Spa located in Italy has introduced the High Performance Fitness Method to its wellness portfolio.

High Performance Method or HPM is a unique set of tools and professionals that will deliver the results you need when it comes to athletic performance and overall well-being.

This exclusive technology synergistically coordinates all equipment used for the screening and subsequently provides the most accurate and reliable results for stabilometric, postural and biomechanic evaluations.

This information is compiled in a complete profile for the individual that Palazzo Fiuggi use as a starting point for therapeutic training sessions.

All progress made is closely monitored and thoroughly quantified by the software. This ultimately ensures concrete results that could not be achieved by ill-targeted exercises or manipulation that is unsupported by scientific data.

High Performance Method

Every wellness journey goes through a moment of analysis and evaluation. Thanks to a unique set of tools and professionals, HPM can evaluate the functional capabilities of the person through an in-depth biomechanical test.

Posture, Strength, Stability and Reactivity are just some of the keywords that define HPM's areas of intervention. The analyses of the biomechanics laboratory of Palazzo Fiuggi allow you to better guide physical exercise and therapeutic training.

From here they start to improve the person, plan training and solve simple everyday musculoskeletal problems.

What assessments are available?

Biomechanical Assessment 

Unique assessment suitable for sportsmen of all levels and for the person who wants to undertake a recovery path towards physical activity. Path of awareness and knowledge of one's fitness, physiology and potential aptitudes, through an in-depth analysis of body functions: posture, movement dynamics, flexibility, reactivity, stability, strength, functionality of the core and spine. This evaluation can be also useful for rehabilitation, sporting purposes or simply as a preventive or maintenance measure.

Postural Assessment 

The postural assessment enables the identification of fundamental aspects related to the ability to properly manage the natural posture of our body. In static conditions, reference parameters such as load distribution, alignments, energy expenditure, oscillation of the centre of mass, symmetries and asymmetries, muscle tension, and the relationships between various vestibular receptors are measured.

Baropodometric Analysis 

Baropodometric analysis is used to measure "point by point" the pressures exerted by the foot on the ground. The plantar region represents the interface between the body and the external world, with different pressure zones varying according to the activity performed. In static conditions, it is possible to observe: the morphological characteristics of the foot (high-arched, flat, pronated, supinated, etc.), the distribution of pressures with identification of overload zones, and the visualization of the centre of pressure and its evolution over time.

Mobility & Flexibility Assessment

Defining the range of motion of our joint areas allows for the identification of minor and major dysfunctions related to habits and lifestyles that are not always optimal. The precise quantification of the main joint parameters leads to the recognition of conditions of hypomobility, musculoskeletal limitations, and established inhibitions.

Strength & Balance Assessment

The analysis of movement and the force that justifies it provides the necessary data for optimizing any individual. Quantifying the strength values used to perform simple everyday actions allows for the design of any endeavour related to sports and well-being. The distribution of loads on our body, coordinative abilities, and strategies for proper motor control are the cornerstones on which this evaluation is based.

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