Palazzo Fiuggi Launches New Groundbreaking Genetic Testing

09/08/2023, Healing Holidays

Palazzo Fiuggi, the award-winning Medical Spa located in Italy has launched a new SPG Project ‘Health, Testing Genome’ led by world renowned geneticist Professor Giuseppe Novelli. Implementing ground- breaking science, the project uses specific genetic tests to identify an individual’s risks of developing diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular disease. The innovative project allows early detection of these diseases in order to put specific preventative and individual measures in place. This new approach to genetic testing aligns with Palazzo Fiuggi’s unique vision of rejuvenating and maintaining well-being, health and longevity.

Incorporating a saliva test, the 360-degree analysis examines a person’s DNA to identify mutations that are associated with genetic or hereditary diseases as well as providing information on the body’s response to medications and specific nutritional requirements. The analysis includes examining ancestral DNA, pharmacogenetics, genetic risk based on family analysis and nutrigenomics, which combines genetic research with personalised diets.

The SPG Project of Palazzo Fiuggi is led by Prof. Giuseppe Novelli, Professor of Medical Genetics of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", in collaboration with the Laboratory of Medical Genetics of the Department of Biomedicine and Prevention (Faculty of Medicine and Surgery University of Rome TorVergata), and with the Tor Vergata Polyclinic (Rome). Prof. Giuseppe is a world-famous geneticist, with a wealth of experience in genetic variations associated with the risk of developing complex and multifactorial diseases.

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