Longevity Alvor Introduces New Retreats With Rajesh Ramani & Smitha Jayakumar

15/02/2023, Healing Holdiays

Longevity Wellness Worldwide has announced a new partnership with Mindfulness and Beyond, a heart-centered wellbeing methodology, focused on mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. This will be an exclusive partnership for Portugal, where both parties will work jointly to roll out a series of curated retreats at Longevity's different operations.

Led by retreat leaders, mentors, teachers and former monks, Rajesh Ramani and Smitha Jayakumar of Mindfulness and Beyond and previously Healing Holidays' favourite Kamalaya, Longevity Wellness will be hosting the first curated retreats at Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel in Alvor, Portugal in April 2023, and booking is now open:

All three guided retreats combine ancient teachings and traditional practices from Eastern philosophy with modern Western psychology techniques, offering attendees the opportunity to dive deep within and take inventory of their life. The retreats offer progressive solution-based insights and wisdom that will lead guests to a deeper sense of connection and clarity, ultimately steering you towards positive transformation.

As well as the three curated retreats, Mindfulness and Beyond will also be offering introductory talks, group meditation and pranayama sessions, and one-to-one personal mentoring for in-house guests while in residence at Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel, from 1st – 23rd April 2023.

To learn more about these retreats at Longevity Alvor, please contact
  call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3592 or enquire here.

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