What is the SHA Method?

23/10/2023, Healing Holidays

SHA and their award-winning wellness clinic offer a transformative wellness experience focused on helping people reach and maintain their optimal state of health and enjoy their full physical, mental and spiritual potential. The secret is their SHA Method, which brings together a range of important disciplines that, working in harmony, allow them to improve and enhance the health of their guests. SHA's goal is to transform lives through their unique method, offering the best results in the shortest time possible, while providing the knowledge for people to maintain the optimal state of health reached at SHA Wellness Clinic or SHA Wellness Mexico indefinitely.  

What is the SHA Method?

The SHA method is based on 9 main areas: healthy nutrition, natural therapies, preventive and healthy ageing medicine, advanced aesthetics, cognitive stimulation and emotional health, wellbeing and inner balance, and physical performance. All of this is accompanied by learning new healthy habits through their Healthy Living Academy.

1. Advanced Preventive Diagnosis 

At SHA they firmly believe that prevention is the cornerstone of optimal health and by taking proactive steps to safeguard it, they ensure that their guests enjoy a full and happy life. One of the essential areas of the SHA Method is Advanced Preventive Diagnosis, which involves a series of innovative medical tests, cutting-edge diagnostic screenings, and state-of-the-art equipment, to offer their guests a comprehensive evaluation of their health in order to diagnose different pathologies early on. Because prevention is not only an essential way to avoid illnesses, but also an act of care towards oneself, and constitutes a key tool to achieve lasting wellness.

What is the SHA Method?

2. Healthy Nutrition

SHA Nutrition is based on a healthy, energetic, mainly alkaline, and very balanced diet, inspired by ancient principles and adapted to modern life. With a practical and attractive approach, it places special emphasis on local, organic and seasonal foods, respecting nature’s offerings at each time of the year and in each place. It’s a diet easily adapted to the needs of each individual. And it follows the most recent studies by the field’s leading universities, such as the Harvard University Medical School, the Cornell Division of Nutritional Sciences, and the World Health Organization.

3. Preventive & Healthy Ageing Medicine

The aim of Well-ageing medicine is to slow down the cellular degeneration process and reactivate the health potential of each individual. SHA's objective is not only to prevent or reverse premature ageing after diagnosing its causes, but also to provoke a natural stimulation and reconstruction of the different processes and metabolic systems needed in each particular case. SHA’s anti-ageing therapies are designed to allow life to be enjoyed with health and vitality, avoiding the ailments and illnesses that ageing often brings.

What is the SHA Method?

4. Cognitive & Emotional Health

SHA's goal is for you to enjoy your full potential – not only on a physical level, but on a mental and emotional level too. To this end, their unit at SHA uses a multidisciplinary approach to combine the most validated and current scientific knowledge with the potential of new technologies, allowing them to carry out an evaluation of mental health and a series of exercises and activities aimed at developing the full potential of the mind. You’ll both improve your present situation and be provided with a series of tools and knowledge to strengthen and care for your mental health at home

5. Wellbeing & Inner Balance

At SHA they have a certain belief: it is impossible to achieve a state of full health without a balance between the body, mind and spirit. This is why they work with multiple disciplines and therapies focused on achieving physical, emotional and mental balance. Mind-body disciplines like Yoga or meditation reduce stress and anxiety levels, helping you to face your daily life in a more relaxed way. They also improve emotional stability by allowing you to maintain a full state of awareness and calmness.

What is the SHA Method?

6. Natural Therapies

The natural therapies and complementary treatments that they offer at SHA are among the most effective and affirmed. Each one has been carefully selected after verifying its effectiveness. The goal is to reactivate our body’s regulatory and self-regenerative power, which is often blocked or weakened by inadequate habits. They find integral solutions that strengthen the immune system and enhance the body’s own healing and purifying power.

7. Advanced Aesthetics

At SHA, they believe that physical appearance plays an important role in achieving balance between body and mind, feeling good about yourself, and gaining confidence. To this end, they have units specialising in Hair Health, Dental Health, and Derma Aesthetic Medicine, as well as a wide range of aesthetic and beauty treatments, with the most advanced manual and technological procedures, and experts with extensive experience. The treatments are non-invasive yet capable of notably rejuvenating physical appearance, as well as delaying signs of ageing and enhancing the body’s natural beauty.

What is the SHA Method?

8. Physical Performance

Physical activity and performance are essential for the care and improvement of health. At SHA, they have an outstanding team of experts in physiotherapy and personal training, the most innovative and next-generation state-of-the-art equipment, and the ideal environments for you to challenge your own limits, improving your performance and increasing vitality through a personalised session approach that is tailored to your individual needs.

9. Healthy Living Academy

To share as much healthy lifestyle knowledge with their guests as possible, SHA have created the Healthy Living Academy, their group activity space. Its weekly schedule includes outdoor walks, workouts, mind-body sessions, health and wellness talks, films and documentaries, healthy cooking classes, art exhibits, live music performances and more. Everything to make wellbeing the cornerstone of their facilities.

What is the SHA Method?

So there you have it, we hope you've enjoyed reading about the SHA Method and that it has inspired you to take the next step and book a wellness holiday at one of SHA's award-winning wellness clinics.

If this blog has got you interested in starting your wellness journey please call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

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