What is the Mayr Cure?

07/07/2018, Lanserhof

During the early 20th century, Franz Xavier Mayr developed the Mayr Cure in Austria. At this time, the Mayr principles conveyed a unique approach to prevent illness and health-related issues, based on the premise that a healthy gut will lead to improved overall health. Today the Mayr Cure is tailored to suit each individual during an initial examination. This helps the doctors to observe and understand each person's unique physiology, so they can create a personalised plan to purify, detoxify and renew the body. This cleansing process occurs through fasting and detox, supported by exercise and other optional treatment applications. Mayr programmes generally end with a final examination so that the doctor and patient can not only discuss progress but also consider suitable strategies to facilitate good health upon departure. Experiencing the Mayr Cure can truly create a positive and sustainable lifestyle change. 



The Cure, which is generally applied for a minimum of one week, focuses on four basic principles: Rest, Cleansing, Training and Supplementing. Each of these are crucial to achieve a healthier gut and improve other health aspects.

  1. Rest: Designed to relieve pressure from the gut and to regenerate the digestive system, resting is characterised by consuming a very simple diet. At times only liquids are taken – including tea, broth and water. Drinking a warm glass of water in the morning is a gentle way to awaken the digestive system.
  2. Cleansing: The aim of cleansing is to reduce the acids in the gut through the daily intake of bitter salts. During this stage, waste substances and excess acids are eliminated from the body.
  3. Training: The goal of the training segment is to improve digestion as a whole by practising good habits. The Mayr cure recommends chewing each bite at least 30 times, drinking water only before or after but not during meals and other lifestyle changes. By eating more consciously and chewing properly, the digestive system is better able to absorb important nutrients. This will also reduce the quantity of food consumption.

    The training section also includes manual medical abdominal treatments applied by a trained Mayr doctor to stimulate the liver and pancreas, as well as the gut.
  4. Supplementing: Although supplementing does not have a specific phase, it occurs throughout the whole Mayr cure. Supplementing, as may be inferred, requires the intake of a variety of vitamins and minerals.

        What is the Mayr Cure? | LANSERHOF TEGERNSEE | Healing Holidays What is the Mayr Cure? | LANSERHOF TEGERNSEE | Healing Holidays



Although the Mayr Cure has evolved since it began decades ago, its core and foundation has much remained the same. The Lanserhof’s LANS Med Concept has modernised and evolved classical Mayr Medicine to create a symbiosis of traditional naturopathy and state-of-the-art medicine that treats both mind and body. For over 30 years the Lanserhof medical institution has been practising the LANS Med concept, designed to support the natural healing process. This promotes physical well-being and inner balance, with great focus on personal regeneration. Each programme is bespoke to the clients’ needs and health requirements, helping them to discover how much more active, happy and productive their lives can be once they understand and apply the Mayr principles to their everyday routine.  

What is the Mayr Cure? | LANSERHOF TEGERNSEE | Healing Holidays



To incorporate healthy eating at home, the Lanserhof has launched a brand new nutrition book based on the latest industry research. Already a No.1 bestseller in Germany, the release of ‘Healthy Cuisine: Based on the Latest Research’ follows the success of the Lanserhof‘s last book ‘Energy Cuisine‘. Focusing on healthy cuisine, the book aims to counteract confusing temporary eating trends and help readers reap some of the benefits of the group’s popular LANS Med Concept at home.

The Lanserhof has locations in both Austria and Germany to help guests discover the long-term health benefits of the Mayr cure and its modern counterpart, the LANS Med Concept.

If this blog has got you interested in starting your wellness journey at Lanserhof please call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

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