Wellness Experts at Kamalaya

10/11/2020, Healing Holidays

Find out more about the expert practitioners who will take care of you at Kamalaya.


Life Enhancement Mentor

Sujay Seshadri is an experienced Life Enhancement Mentor whose goal in life is to help people discover greater levels of commitment, success and love; as well as enhanced physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. During his time as a monk, Sujay developed deep insights into the intricacies of the human mind; he also gained experience of different spiritual states of consciousness, as well as the teaching of esoteric spiritual principles, practices, and healing processes. For more than 22 years, Sujay has helped bring greater awareness and enrichment to the lives of numerous people from all walks of life and from all around the world. As one of Kamalaya Koh Samui’s team of Life Enhancement Mentors, Sujay believes that life is a constant process of learning and feels blessed and motivated to share his learning and experiences with everyone.

Specialisation: Life Coaching

Wellness Experts at Kamalaya | Healing Holidays


Yoga Teacher & Mentor

Jyoti is a qualified Yoga & Pranayama teacher with more than 12 years of teaching experience in all types of Yogic modalities. She aims to bring a unique sense of empowerment during each of her classes, through use of intentions, basic to advanced asanas, Pranayama, internal body organ cleansing exercises (Shudhi Kriyas), meditation and all the Bandhas (energy locks).

Jyoti’s teaching style encourages clearer thoughts and greater meaning for Yoga in everyone. She applies her knowledge and skills to address a wide range of physical imbalances ranging from chronic pains, cervical, postural, and joint stiffness, arthritis, sleep disorders, fluid retention and more. Jyoti also strives to live a yogic lifestyle and to lead each class in a way that reflects the same.

Specialisation: Yoga

Wellness Experts at Kamalaya | healing holidays


Fitness Instructor

Benz graduated in Sports science bachelor’s degree and is a certified personal trainer since 2008. He holds the certificate of training for older adults, sports injury training, sports nutrition, TRX suspension training, training for prenatal and postpartum and SPI Pilates. Benz has over 10 years of experience in fitness at renowned health resorts. Benz provides personal training sessions, private Pilates on mat and reformer, super stretching and leads the group classes such as 360-degree circuit training, stretching class, ABT class and more.

Specialisation: Fitness

Wellness Experts at Kamalaya | healing holidays


Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Having intuited from a young age the body’s natural capability to restore balance and heal itself, Bernie dedicated himself to the study of ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine. He acquired a master’s degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine and is specialized in the style of Jin Shin Do. With decades of hands-on experience, he uses a combination of acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion and massage to help people restore their natural health and wholeness.

Specialisation: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Wellness Experts at Kamalaya | healing holidays


Senior Pilates Instructor

Jinny is a graduate in BA Sports Science from Mahidol University. She is a qualified Pilates instructor from Polestars Pilates and has been practising and teaching private as well as group Pilates classes for almost 18 years. Jinny is specialized in Mat Pilates, Reformer, and other apparatus such as Cadillac, Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, Arc Barrel, Foam Roller, MOTR, Thera Band, Swiss Ball, Bosu and Magic Ring. 

With her extensive experience, she has become an all-around Pilates master who helps clients have a healthy correct posture, improve flexibility and muscle strengthening. She also designs specific exercise programs for clients to suit different needs. Jinny is a certified Watsu therapist from WABA America and has been practising Watsu Treatment for over 17 years. Additionally, Jinny has been certified in Personal Training from American Councils of Exercise (ACE) and Fitness Innovations Thailand (FIT) back in 2004. She helps clients in weight training, functional movement, Kinesis, TRX, program design and super stretching

Specialisation: Pilates

Wellness Experts at Kamalaya | healing holidays


Senior Naturopath

Leila is a Naturopathic Practitioner with over 15 years of experience in Homeopathy, Functional Nutritional Therapy and Bach Flower Essences. She has a passion for natural health and enjoys approaching guests' individual goals and challenges in a comprehensive, holistic, and caring way. 

Leila's family often used traditional herbs when she was growing up as a child, which inspired her curiosity to explore the kaleidoscope of natural healing methods used around the world. Leila continued her studies in London, where she graduated from Westminster University in 2004 with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science Homeopathy. With her passion for holistic health and wellbeing continually growing, she further extended her studies to focus on Nutritional Therapy based on Functional Medicine and Bach Flower Essences. Leila focuses on understanding your health goals and how to best help you work through your healing journey while guiding you to a more healthy and balanced self

Specialisation: Naturopathy

Wellness Experts at Kamalaya | healing holidays


Naturopath & Wellness Consultant

Kate is a Naturopathic Therapist, with qualifications from The College of Naturopathic Medicine, The UK Centre for Living Foods and The Bach Centre, the home of Dr Edward Bach himself. Kate is particularly passionate about providing naturopathic approaches to elevate mood and energy levels. A sensitive, empathic listener, Kate helps people reach the root of their concerns and restores a sense of empowerment by providing evidence-based solutions that feel relevant and realistic for the individual.

Specialisation: Naturopathy


Life Enhancement Mentor

Krishna Raj is an internationally renowned meditation and Integral Wellness expert with close to 25 years of experience. A powerful spiritual experience at the age of 16 inspired in him the passion to awaken the power of consciousness, deepen compassion, and help humanity discover inner peace and joy. Following that experience, Krishna Raj lived as a monk for the next 21 years and immersed himself in meditation and spiritual philosophy. 

Over the years, he has guided advanced meditation retreats in India, South Korea, Europe, UK, Ireland, and Brazil, and has spiritually mentored several thousand from around the world. Krishna Raj holds a master’s degree in psychology from Walden University, USA. His other interests include gardening, Indian classical music and reading.

Specialisation: Life Coaching

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