Top 3 Wellness Retreats in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean is said t be a sanctuary for those wanting to revive their body and spirit. If you are considering a wellness retreat, Sri Lanka could be the perfect destination for you.  We have put together our top three wellness retreats for this breathtaking destination.

Santani Wellness Kandy

Having only opened in 2017, Santani Wellness Kandy has hit the ground running and made a huge impact on wellness in Sri Lanka. Named for the Sanskrit word meaning “in harmony with,” Santani stands by the sincere belief that sustainable wellness begins by bringing oneself into balance with nature and by allowing ourselves to receive nurture from ourselves as well as from others. Specialising in Detox, Anti-Ageing and Weight Loss, each retreat begins with a consultation with the doctor who will then create a bespoke programme designed to maximise the benefits of each individual's stay. 

Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort

Known for its warmth, serenity and hospitality, Barberyn Ayurveda Beach Resort pairs pristine facilities with expert practitioners who specialise in the ancient practice of Ayurvedic health care. Barberyn is dedicated to healing through traditional Ayurvedic treatments consisting of custom-tailored programs of daily Ayurvedic medicated oil massages, treatments, herbal medicines and pure Ayurvedic cuisine. Many people flock to Barberyn for serious illnesses as an alternative holistic approach to healing rather than modern medicine.

Sen Wellness Sanctuary

From the dreams of the highly-sought after London-based osteopath Sam Kankanamge, Sen Wellness Sanctuary was made. This one-of-a-kind space stimulates and creates new possibilities of physical and spiritual growth for all who visit. Voted one of the top 20 best yoga retreats in the world by The Times, Sen Wellness has become a specialist in helping people with issues such as depression skin disorders, insomnia and weight loss. Those who come to the mangrove forest of the Rekawa Reserve learn how to disconnect, take stock of their lives and fully embrace the healing power of nature.

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