The Transforming Power of Feminine Wisdom

Fiona Arrigo

This is a guest blog written by Healing Expert Fiona Arrigo

This is an exciting time for woman. In many ways an extraordinary time for woman; a new woman is arising, woman the change maker, the bridge builder, with the potential to be the healer for our times. She is needed.

In my work with women, I find we are facing more and more demands and simultaneously we are digging deeper, calling on our own inner landscape, connecting more profoundly to our own inner knowledge. Sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it is a roar.  

This shift of awareness from our mothers and grandmothers, who modelled long hours, pushing themselves, exhausting themselves, no longer works. The shift is learning to deeply trust our own inner landscape. 

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” Maya Angelou

It takes courage to move from the old cycle of multi-tasking, juggling, competing, not sleeping, dashing to the supermarket, holding down a job, cooking, looking after our children, looking after ourselves. A 'to do' list of effort and strain. Hard edges and pushing, striving, does nothing for a woman’s body and her biochemistry.

The Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela say ‘it is western women who will change the world.’ I am not so sure she is western, but I know this, the new woman is grounded, wise, and connected to her essence. A modern woman forging a new way of being and healing into our community, our homes, you will see her everywhere. 

She finds space to process, to connect with herself. From this comes a grounded awakened intelligence, which has been there forever. The wisdom traditions teach us that recognising our feminine power, our feminine strength arises from the inside. What I discovered as a woman coming into recognition of the feminine depth of myself, and working with other women, is that feminine power never works when you try to get it from outside, in your job, your roles and relationships.

Women have often not been supported or shown how to articulate their inner knowledge or been able to pass on this profound natural force that lives in us, or how to support one another in getting to know and trust what that is. We have gossiped, criticised, manipulated and hurt each other, from a place of ignorance.

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and how you do it.” Maya Angelou

The invitation now is to come together, to stop seeing faults in each other; to invite the spirit of co-operation; to listen deeply to ourselves, and to be able to make sense of a fragmented world. I call this, the return of the 'Wise woman'. The invitation is to learn to trust and receive. The more time out we take to listen to our inner guidance, to reclaim it, the more we will thrive and create a true evolution, one that brings space and healing to a lost and thirsty world.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and style.” Maya Angelou

The journey back to woman is deep and for this we need time. To let what we feel and know in our body, and heart come forward to express itself. We need support with this; it hasn't been modelled or nurtured in our society. We need to support each other to speak our inherent wisdom. We have won brownie points for being successful, holding life together, but we have over ridden what is needed now, for ourselves, our family, our communities and the world.

I encourage all of us to drop, to find when we go inwards, that we will achieve more. The new feminine is practical, sensual, courageous, generous, compassionate and gracious. Her strength and power comes from within her heart, connected to the natural depths of her psyche. She has examined and knows herself. She has learnt new power. She has let go of resentment, hurt and overwhelm. She is inclusive in ways that build community and unity, allowing for differences. She is looking for collaboration. Her power is the ability to integrate life, assimilate it, then offer true guidance. 

This new woman's inherent wisdom is based in love. This archetype understands about taking right action in the world. She feels the world into being, rather than polarising or creating separation. It is a long road ahead, but I passionately believe that women hold the key for healing, wisdom, knowledge, guidance, understanding and building healthy communities. 

In my work with women who have experienced different physical and emotional issues, who have become burnt out by life, who have lost their navigation, and their purpose, I discovered by addressing the core issues of feminine, in reclaiming their feminine, that relief, hope, health and balance are restored. 

Our feminine source is an active wellspring beyond the grasping mind, a true healer for these times. Consequently, our work at the Arrigo Programme has been establishing the key elements that create a healing environment, where women feel safe enough to let go, to learn who they really are, to connect once again to their ancient wisdom that understands their true nature and reclaim it.

This is the paradigm for the new feminine. This is the basis for my work. It is my deep honour to be a part of this journey. We at the Programme are deeply connected to this work, and privileged to witness and be a part of this extraordinary coming together of women, who contribute to healing our world.

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