The Five Elements Theory at Euphoria

07/08/2023, Euphoria Retreat

The Five Elements theory is at the heart of what Euphoria offer, reflected in their treatments, retreats and design as well as underpinning their core belief in a joyful journey of transformation that they invite all their guests to embark on while staying at Euphoria.


The bridge between the natural world and human life.

The Five Elements theory was developed independently and yet almost in parallel by both Chinese and ancient Greek philosophers, as a multi-dimensional view of human life as it relates to the natural world.

They separated nature into five categories (elements) each with distinctive characteristics, which, they concluded, are reflected in patterns of human health and behaviour. Certain individuals will associate more closely with certain elements as per their particular physical functioning and psychological qualities.

The relevance of the seasons

On top of this, the ancient philosophers associated different elements with different seasons and understood that just as nature follows a cycle so does the human condition both annually and across a lifespan.


According to this Five Element framework – we could even call it a universal order underlying all things in our world – the cycle of human life and the cycle of nature, as related to the seasons, follows the cycle of the elements:

  1. WATER: (Greek: Ydor), winter, time of incubation
  2. WOOD: (Greek: Air), spring, time of growth
  3. FIRE: (Greek: Pyr), summer, time of full bloom
  4. EARTH: (Greek: Gaia), Indian summer, time of harvest
  5. METAL: (Greek: Aether), autumn, time of letting go

Greek and Chinese philosophy differ in relation to the fifth element. Hippocrates referred only to four while Aristotle, Plato and Pythagoras termed the fifth element Aether, the lightest element of all offering alchemical potential to Metal. This difference reflects the ancient Greek belief that once a cycle is complete we have the greatest potential to transform in readiness for positive change as we begin a new cycle.


This massage-style treatment is based on the above theory which separates nature into five categories each with distinctive characteristics which are also reflected in patterns of human health and behaviour.  Different people associate more closely with different elements according to their physical and psychological patterns. The therapist determines imbalances in your dominant element and uses different bodywork techniques, rhythms and pressures to create harmony in your energy flow on a physical & emotional level.

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