Spring Spinach Recipe

10/05/2019, Park Igls

The development of Mayr cuisine and intelligent gourmet fasting has enabled the Modern Mayr specialists at Park Igls to reach a new healthy eating milestone. Modern Mayr cuisine reveals how to maintain a healthy diet and still enjoy life. Markus Sorg, head chef at Park Igls, combines Modern Mayr Medicine and techniques from haute cuisine. Many of his recipes in the FX Mayr for Gourmets cookbook are delightful basic meals and variations that are easy to recreate at home. This is certainly true of his spring recipe: spinach with nutmeg and roasted pine nuts.


  • 600g fresh spinach
  • 10g butter
  • Fleur de Sel
  • Grated nutmeg
  • 20ml olive oil
  • 6 large basil leaves or 1 small bunch
  • 1 tbsp pine nuts


Wash the spinach thoroughly and allow to drain. Remove any stalks from the leaves by gently twisting. Briefly blanch in salted boiling water and immediately plunge into iced water to stop the cooking process. Do not leave the spinach in the water for too long to retain as many nutrients as possible. Squeeze the spinach using both hands, roll into a tight bundle and cut into 0.5cm thick slices. Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the spinach and cook over a medium heat. Season well with salt and nutmeg, drizzle with olive oil, and leave to marinate. Finely slice the basil and stir into the spinach just before serving. Fry the pine nuts with a dash of olive oil and sprinkle over the spinach.

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