Spa Philosophy at Palazzo Fiuggi

06/06/2021, Palazzo Fiuggi

The Science of Regeneration

Palazzo Fiuggi is a sanctuary for the body, mind, and soul. Their specialised medical-scientific therapies promote increased wellbeing, health, and longevity by fusing ancient holistic disciplines with the cornerstones of traditional Western therapeutics. Beginning with a targeted exam and diagnostic consultation, the team of scientists, doctors, and gurus will develop a personalised approach that will yield measurable health outcomes. A carefully calibrated follow-up protocol will also assist guests in achieving their long-term goals.


Palazzo Fiuggi owes its success to the unique properties of its water whose source lies in the region’s natural springs.  For hundreds of years, pilgrims have been drawn to Fiuggi's natural springs, which are known for their purifying and healing effects. Fiuggi water – ‘the water of wellbeing' – has been celebrated for its healing abilities for over 600 years and is at the core of Palazzo Fiuggi's many health programmes.

Throughout their history, Palazzo Fiuggi has been linked to this miraculous water, which was originally famed for its diuretic powers that have the potential to "break stone," and which was said to have treated the diseases of Pope Boniface VIII and Michelangelo. The water contains distinct macromolecules from the humid acids group that can reduce the density of the stones, allowing them to break up and dissolve. Natural antibacterial and antiviral activities can also increase the immune response, influencing tumour shape and stimulating their necrosis.

Many of the programmes at Palazzo Fiuggi incorporate this therapeutic spring water – it’s been shown to have a beneficial effect on a variety of ailments and chronic conditions including urinary tract problems, cystitis, pyelonephritis, metabolic disorders, gout and arthritis. It also complements their weight-loss, exercise and body balance programmes. In fact, Purify is an integral component of the spa. The water is not only used as a detoxifier at the start of each programme, but it is also found in their Thalasso pools. The thorough renovation of the palazzo honours Fiuggi's water, in the majesty of its pristine spa facilities and the sybaritic enjoyment of its indoor and outdoor swimming pools and Roman Therme.


"A longer life better lived" - This is the basic philosophy that guides the wellness activities at Palazzo Fiuggi. Human health, like a tree, relies on a robust root system to live a long and healthy existence. Without this solid basis, difficulties with ageing may occur, leading to chronic illnesses. The unique programmes at Palazzo Fiuggi are based on their essential therapy foundation stones: Purify, Nourish, Energise, and Connect. Their wellness and medical programmes, together with Fiuggi's healing waters, will refill and realign your mind, body, and soul, allowing you to live a longer, more fulfilling life.


At Palazzo Fiuggi, they understand the power of nutrition to promote wellness. It’s why they created a special nutrition and exercise programme for their guests: the Palazzo Fiuggi Food Line. Developed by in-house experts, the programme is individually tailored to each guest, featuring a personalised combination of healthy nutrients. sustainable organic and biodynamic ingredients are selected from the region’s renowned ‘terroir’, as well as from the vegetable garden inside Palazzo’s park.


Everyone’s experience at Palazzo Fiuggi will be different. The experience starts with a wraparound service that includes advice on how to prepare for the visit and make the most of the stay, as well as details of their post-residence concierge service.

Before Guests Arrive

Careful planning will help guests to get the greatest benefit from their stay at Palazzo Fiuggi. By completing the pre-visit questionnaire – including details about general health and eating habits, as well information on allergies and intolerances – the assessment begins and ensures the guests comfort from the first day. It is advised that guests prepare for their experience by regulating mealtimes, cutting back on caffeinated drinks, reducing nicotine and alcohol consumption and prioritising good exercise and sleep regimens.

On Arrival

The initial medical and holistic examinations help to diagnose the body-mind-spirit state of health and to set an important baseline against which to set and measure goals. A detailed medical history is taken, to establish primary objectives and select the most suitable protocol to meet the guest's needs and expectations. The diagnostic panel will include medical, genetic and epigenetic tests, hormone tests and microbiota analysis, as well as dynostics (metabolic analysis). Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis will determine body composition, hydration levels, fat and non-fat mass to determine appropriate diet and lifestyle interventions.

Welcome Ritual

The reception ritual at Palazzo Fiuggi signals the start of the wellness journey and offers a wonderful introduction to the experiences that await. The ritual begins with a traditional Turkish Hamman that includes a soft, fragrant wash with hot Fiuggi water, black soap enriched with Argan oil and an exotic Eastern fragrance. The experience concludes with the application of rose water for natural purity and skin hydration plus total relaxation in mind and soul.

During Your Stay

The programme will be one of a kind, created with guest objectives in mind and precisely tailored to their needs. In addition to personalised activities and treatments, guests enjoy a range of delicious and nutritionally balanced meals that will delight and inspire. A relaxing after-dinner ritual will incorporate deep relaxation and meditation techniques to soothe anxiety and cultivate a sense of calm.

After Your Stay

Good habits and mindful practices take time to form. Palazzo Fiuggi ensure that a thorough follow-up programme is in place to support you as you return to normal life. Before you leave them, they’ll conduct a final medical examination to evaluate progress against the objectives and metrics they established at your first assessment and to fine-tune your onward plan. Later, they’ll connect via a digital telemedicine platform to help you maintain your regimen and keep your goals firmly in sight.

If this blog has got you interested in starting your wellness journey at Palazzo Fiuggi please call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

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