Preparing & adapting to change by Maria Efraimoglou

11/04/2020, Maria Efraimoglou, Euphoria Retreat

Euphoria Retreat's Founder, Marina Efraimoglou uses the language of the five elements (the cornerstone of Euphoria Methodos) to help guests better navigate through the inevitable changes that are happening due to the Coronavirus.

Most of us have gone through months of quarantine. While we are learning to adjust to this situation and getting into a new rhythm, there are also certain things that we are really starting to miss. So what can we do to make the most of this time? How can we reap the benefits and address the challenges, and also prepare and adapt to the inevitable changes that are happening?


First, we need to consciously ‘fill up our own cup’ as much as possible. To do this we need to work on our Earth Element - that of balance and harmony. This is the element that helps us nourish both our physical bodies, but also our souls. As the planet itself is taking time to heal, it is a great opportunity to ground our own earth element and rediscover our relationship with nature.

Our lives have slowed down, giving us more time to:

Water Element 

Relax, daydream and sleep more.

Wood Element 

Exercise in a centred way without unduly exhausting ourselves. This will help in boosting flexibility in our bodies and minds.

Fire Element

Connect in a meaningful and joyful way with the people that matter most to us.

Earth Element

Take care of our nutrition, rejoicing again in the pleasure of healthy home-cooked meals

Metal Element

Reflect on what we have to let go and open up to the good that will arise.

Take this opportunity to really think about what we want with our lives. To question why we are here, both as a collective but more importantly as a separate entity with unique gifts to bring to the world. Personally, what I have missed over these last weeks is the sense of freedom. But I also realise that self-awareness and self-acceptance is the starting place of true freedom.

In uncertain times this is our most powerful weapon. It will reignite the light of hope and give us the opportunity to become agents of change.

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