Movement can be done in any number of ways

05/05/2020, Patrizia Bortolin, Preidlhof

Exercise has been such a vital lifeline for so many people during the lockdown and we have all had to adjust to new and different ways of staying fit and moving dependent on the various levels of restrictions.  At Preidlhof, our fitness philosophy is however all about moving more and this can be done in any number of ways, be it at home, dancing in your kitchen, or exploring the countryside around you. 

Confinement has, I think, made everyone appreciate the great outdoors and our environment that much more, and that is a GOOD thing. Guests are strongly encouraged to reconnect with the natural world.   Here, at Preidlhof we are, of course, blessed with the most beautiful surroundings, the mountains, the orchards and the Texel National Park right here on our doorstep.

Barefoot training and forest bathing are an essential part of Preidlhof’s holistic fitness programmes. Melanie is our amazing barefoot professional athlete.  Irmgard is our inspiring and highly knowledgeable ‘sage of the woods’, she takes our guests forest bathing– she is also a multi-certified mountain guide and aromatherapy expert, she is so gifted and will awaken all your senses.  Then, of course, we have all our outdoor training, the hiking, the biking, our outdoor climbing wall, tennis, etc.

Movement can be done in any number of ways | Preidlhof | Healing Holidays

Of course, nowadays, a digital detox is also vital for so many guests.  Our bodies and minds get just so wired from being constantly ‘on’ 24/7, this is very draining energetically.  For we are not robots and sometimes it is as important for guests to understand when it is necessary to rest up, as it is to exercise. Your individual Circadian Rhythm can also have a big bearing on our fitness goals and our Medical team can best advise you on this.

Whether you are able to go on walks locally or are doing your own home workouts, my best recommendation is to also add as much playfulness as possible to your daily routine. Our in-house Shaman Stefano Battaglia really believes in this. He says, “Play with your family, play with your dog, and laugh out loud. It doesn’t matter who thinks you are crazy!” He is a big fan of table tennis too: “If you can, table tennis is amazingly helpful for the mind, to sharpen it, rejuvenate it and to empty it. It’s great for reducing anxiety and releasing tension.”

Our Yoga & Fitness teacher, Martina Huber recommends walking outdoors, to be in nature as much as you can, as it is the ultimate mind-body exercise.  “Try and be more active in the morning - walk purposely and elevate your heart rate. In the afternoon, walks can be slower, more meditative. During this time, we really want to focus more on improving our circulation, on getting freshly oxygenated blood moving around our body, rather than building muscle.  Breathe! Breathe deeply and consciously.”

A mini trampoline is also handy if you have one at home, this is especially good for women.  Jumping is good for increasing bone density, activating lymphatic drainage and strengthening every cell in the body. It’s anxiety-relieving and fun!

For me personally though, now that we can move around more freely here in South Tryol, I am obsessed with Forest Bathing. This has become my new number ONE healing tool – exploring the Tramintana Mountain opposite Preidlhof – it fills my soul and makes me so happy.

If this blog has got you interested in starting your wellness journey at Preidlhof please call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

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