Mindfulness and Reflection at Rancho La Puerta

14/02/2020, Rancho La Puerta

In the modern would we all have become accustomed to living in a fast-paced, chaotic environment where it’s rare that we’re not plugged in or staring aimlessly into some form of media, whether that is our phones, televisions or computers. At Rancho La Puerta, their Mindfulness Reflective classes have been specifically designed to help you tune in to your own spirit and navigate yourself so you can ignore the constant bombardment of outside distractions. There are multiple activities that you can undertake at The Ranch in order to develop the skills needed to bring peacefulness, enhanced consciousness, and mindfulness to your daily life through the use of meditation.


One source of meditative practice at Rancho La Puerta is the Dove Mountain Meditation Hike. At a little over a mile in length, this silent hike is used to climb the first ridge of the mountains until you reach the tranquil meditation area. This hike then winds back through the Kuchumaa Passage and so leading hikers into another road in their meditation experience. It also allows guest to have their first real introduction to the mountain.

Intention Meditation Hike

The Intention Meditation Hike is a unique, quiet, and meditative experience. On this one half-mile (summer), one-mile (winter) journey you will be given the chance to break three times so you can voice your intentions, reflect, and deeply appreciate your surroundings on this moderate hike

Sound Healing and Chant

Crystal Bowls

Relax in a warming bath of sound as it flows from the crystal bowls that are tuned to the physical and mental centers of the body. Crystal bowls are used to emit pure sound waves that resonate throughout the body’s organs and tissues. These sounds and vibrations affect brain wave activity in a way which causes the release of powerful neurohormones that suppress pain, heighten the immune system and allow the body to become deeply relaxed. Remove the stress of your fight-or-flight response and drift into the peaceful space between dreaming and being awake as you immerse yourself in the benefits of crystals.

Chant: Sacred Sound Practice

Create harmony and communion within the body through the use of sacred song and chants from various traditions. Rhythm, Repetition, Community are all of the aspects of a chant. This is also considered as an ancient practice. The mindful breathing session that is sacred sound uses your body as a healing instrument.  You will practice mostly Sanskrit, with some English chants shared, sound by loving sound you will also experience some quiet times in between chants.  This 45 minute class is an accessible entrance into meditation  for all as it gives you the skills to cleanse your inner body through sound vibration.

Sound Healing

Crystal bowls emit pure sound waves that resonate throughout the body’s tissues and organs. These sounds and vibrations affect brain wave activity causing the release of powerful neurohormones that suppress pain, heighten the immune system, and produce deep relaxation. Additional sound instruments may be used such as tibetan bowls, a sea drum, koshi bells, a gong, and other instruments at the instructor’s discretion.


The Labyrinth is a powerful walking ritual that is used to open your consciousness. Rancho La Puerta’s labyrinth is a non-denominational experience for the mind, body and spirit. The path is a classical eleven-circuit design which is a metaphor for our journey through life. One path begins by taking you to the center and back again, leading you through many turns. The six-petaled centerof the labyrinth is known as the rosette. In some traditions, each petal of the central rosette is a symbol for one of the six stages of planetary evolution: mineral, vegetable, animal, human, angelic and divine. Each two-thirds of the circle along the outer edge is a  depiction of lunation that tracks moon cycles and may have previously been a way of determining religious feasts in the Middle Ages. Your wellness expert will guide you to the experience as they further explain many of these references. May you find all you seek on your journey through the Labyinth.


As you step slowly across the smooth stones you will begin to feel your feet settling. Subconsciously, you seek a path that is the least resistance, putting less pressure on your body and maximum pleasure. With each step, the tension in your muscles should melt and in turn, balance returns and your body will feel more in tune with the earth. The reflexology pathway at Rancho La Puerta aims to combine the soles–and soul–into energetic focus as you pass over patterns of stones to exert a variety of degrees of pressure on the feet. The spiral pattern that has been created on the stones represents the cycles of life to create a soothing simplicity, an intriguing complexity.

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