A Q&A On The Mayr Cure With OCEANO Health Spa Hotel

Hidden away in the mountains yet overlooking the ocean in the remote and unspoilt north-east corner of the island, the OCEANO Health Spa Hotel has benefitted greatly from a recent major refurbishment and alongside the warmly decorated rooms and suites is the shiny and sparkling pièce de résistance – the FX Mayr Centre.

Founded by the physicians Dr. Alfred Milz and K. Matthias Rolle, the centre is home to a host of deep-reaching programmes, from weight loss and detox, to Ayurveda and Yoga. The disciplinarians amongst you can also do the full Mayr Cure with the added benefits of Thalassotherapy to further deepen the effects.

We recently spoke with the experts at OCEANO's FX Mayr Centre to find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked about the Mayr Cure by our clients.

What are the main benefits of doing a Mayr Cure?

A “leaky gut” will be cured, abdominal fat reduced and stress relieved. Consequently, the “silent inflammation” and thus the risk of sustaining any of the diseases of modern society will be reduced.

What do you mean by fasting? Will I eat nothing at all?

Fasting according to Mayr means to give the intestine a rest with easily digestible foods and a simple diet to allow it to concentrate on its actual task, the detoxication of the body.

The individually adjusted bland diet is usually hypocaloric. As a fasting method, it has a positive effect on the health. The reduction of carbohydrates lowers the insulin level and at the same time many health risks related to an insulin resistance with hyperinsulinemia. Proper chewing and insalviating is easier on the digestive tract. It promotes the generation of bacteria beneficial for defence and regeneration functions of the intestinal mucosa.

What is the ideal duration for a Mayr Cure?

As each body responds to the therapy at different rates, a period of 14 days is recommended from a medical point of view. However, 3 weeks would be optimal.

Can I do a Mayr Cure if I suffer from allergies or intolerances?

F.X. Mayr therapy takes into account food intolerances and allergies. As a matter of fact, certain food intolerances may actually be significantly corrected with the therapy.

Can I do a Mayr Cure if you are vegetarian or vegan?

It is also possible for vegetarians and vegans to undergo a Mayr Cure. The food selection is significantly restricted as a result. However, as monotony is one of the principles in a Mayr Cure there is nothing to stop vegans or vegetarians from undergoing it.

Will I lose weight if I do a Mayr Cure?

Losing weight is not a focus during the Mayr Cure. For very slim patients it is actually a goal to undergo aMayr Cure without losing weight. However, if losing weight is a focus for you, this therapy is still suitable for you. Losing weight depends on many factors: the body itself, the amount of exercise, the therapy stage, the metabolic rate, hormones and, very significantly, the overall attitude towards the therapy.

Can I still do a Mayr Cure if I have existing health conditions?

Even with health problems, it is generally okay to undergo the F. X. Mayr therapy. However, there are exceptions. Therefore, it is part of the discussion during the preliminary examination. During this consultation, the type, stages and programme of the therapy are being discussed and determined.

Is it a good idea to bring previous medical test results with you?

Based on the preliminary examination (internistic, cardiologic, gynaecologic, etc.) and lab studies, the physician is able to already get a picture about your personal situation. If possible, the studies should not be older than 6 months. Of course, certain examinations can also be carried out on site.

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