How To Slow Down The Ageing Process

01/08/2023, Kamalaya

While ageing is a process we all experience, Kamalaya's wellness experts believe that there are actionable tactics we can all implement to slow it down internally and externally. Ageing is directly related to the health and lifespan of our body’s cells, and by nurturing them, we can decelerate the process and signs of ageing. There are three ways to achieve this:

  • Cell health: Nourish your body with everything it needs for optimal health.
  • Cell protection: Take active steps to protect cell health from tension-related damage.
  • Prevention: Reduce and prevent cellular damage through daily habits and lifestyle choices.

Certain lifestyle habits, such as smoking, regular alcohol consumption, an unhealthy diet and lack of sleep, are well-known causes of premature ageing and cellular damage acceleration. However, we can do more to protect, prevent damage and nurture our cells.

In terms of cellular ageing, scientists measure cell health by observing the length of telomeres, specific DNA structures within cells. Telomere shortening is associated with cell degradation, and research shows that lengthening and safeguarding telomeres can help reverse the biological clock. Researchers have identified five ways to lengthen telomeres: physical and mental exercise, maintaining a good sleep routine, making healthy food choices and building a sense of community.

Physical Exercise  

Just 20 minutes of exercise a day can improve telomere length. Endurance training, such as swimming, aquatic exercises, walking (forest bathing), jogging and cycling, has been proven to prevent ageing and can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. 

A woman exercising at home

Mental Exercise

Engaging in mental exercises, such as learning a complex new skill like language acquisition, drawing, painting and other creative activities, builds neuroplasticity and reduces cognitive decline, a key factor in slowing down the ageing process. 

A woman painting a picture


Getting enough sleep is a natural and holistic way to maintain cell health. By following a consistent sleep routine, you can proactively enhance cognitive function and memory, reduce the likelihood of various illnesses, mitigate age-related cognitive risks, enhance overall lifespan, reinforce the immune system and aid in weight loss for a youthful skin appearance. To optimise your sleep, avoid caffeine, alcohol and strenuous exercise before bed, create a sleep-friendly environment free of light and distractions and maintain a cool and comfortable temperature. Relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation can also be incorporated into your sleep routine. 

A woman asleep in a bed


The food we eat and the supplements we support our bodies with play a significant role in slowing down the ageing process and safeguarding long-term cellular health. Maintaining a healthy diet is paramount. Studies suggest that certain foods, including legumes (beans, lentils and peas), fruits and sea vegetables, can potentially enhance telomere length. Conversely, foods such as red meat, processed meats, alcohol and sugar have been associated with shortening telomeres and accelerating cellular damage and ageing. 

A selection of healthy green vegetables

Being Social

Our social relationships have a crucial impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Research indicates that strong connections with friends, family and the community result in lower illness risks, improved mental health and enhanced immune activity, leading to increased cellular longevity. This positive impact is attributed to healthy attachments, which help reduce stress and tension, thus protecting telomeres. Cultivate and maintain meaningful connections by reaching out to people in your community, those with similar interests or those in a similar life stage. Stay in touch with loved ones through phone calls or handwritten letters, even when physically distant.

Two friends having a cup of tea together

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