Hot Beetroot Soup With Feta By Euphoria

07/02/2023, Euphoria Retreat

Taking inspiration from the ancient Greek word for Earth (Γαία), the GAIA restaurant at Euphoria offers a blend of regionally-inspired contemporary Greek and Mediterranean dishes, with an emphasis on simplicity, healthy living and flavour. Their passionate team has nurtured relationships with local farmers, producers and winemakers, to create a menu that uses seasonal products from organic and responsible farms wherever possible. Discover their warming recipe for beetroot soup with feta which will have you glowing both inside and outside.


650g Beetroot

50g Celery

50g Leek

80g Carrot

100g Potato

50g Red Onion

10g Lemon Thyme

60g Green Apple

150ml Vegetable Stock

30ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

30g Coconut butter


100g Green Apple diced for decoration

120g Beetroot boiled and diced for decoration

150g Feta cheese for crumble

20g Dried Oregano

50ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1. Cut all the vegetables into large cubes.

2. Add the olive oil, coconut butter and the onion, celery, leek, carrot and potatoes to a large pot

3. Sauté for 2 minutes

4. Add the peeled and diced beetroot

5. Add vegetable stock

6. Let it simmer until the beetroot is soft enough to blend it

7. Add the mixture in a blender and mix it until it is smooth

8. Pass the soup through a sieve and serve it hot

9. Chop the feta cheese into small pieces, mix it with dried oregano and a few drops extra virgin olive oil.

10. Line the mixture on a tray and cook for 10 minutes in 180⁰C

11. Let it cool down and brake it into big chunks

12. Mix the diced green apple and the diced beetroot and place them in the middle of the dish

13. Top soup with crumbled feta

Hot Beetroot Soup With Feta By Euphoria

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