Homeopathic treatment of insomnia & strengthening the immune system

23/04/2020, Dr. Konstandinos Dardayannopoulos, Medical Director, Euphoria Retreat

Dr. Konstandinos Dardayannopoulos from Euphoria Retreat explains how homoeopathy can help with insomnia & strengthen the immune system.

We have great natural weapons to regulate insomnia (e.g. due to stress or anxiety) and to invigorate our immune system. One of the main medical systems is Classical Homeopathy, which practices giving one homoeopathic remedy at a particular point of time.

I will give some examples of how we match each remedy to a particular person, looking in a more rounded way at all their symptoms and the weak areas of the organism (individualised holistic medicine). It’s very interesting to note that every human is different and everyone has their own set of particular symptoms.


  1. ARSENICUM ALBUM: this homoeopathic remedy may suit people with restlessness, fear of death/anxiety about their own health, or of their relatives, fastidiousness with order, need for company and sometimes fear of poverty / losing money or objects. Frequently they are aggravated at midnight, or between 1-3 am. Thirsty for small sips, when they go outdoors they should take water with them or at bedtime. 
  2. COCCULUS INDICUS: more suited to people with a lot of concerns about their relatives, combined with neural symptoms such as dizziness/vertigo, unstable gait, nausea etc. 
  3. PHOSPHORUS: good for people with a fear of being alone/about their health, also with a great need for company, ameliorated by massage or body contact. Usually very thirsty for cold drinks, craving ice-cream. They can be very sympathetic towards the suffering of others (including strangers) to the point that they can sometimes mirror the pains or symptoms of the other person. Also fear of thunderstorms and epistaxis (nose-bleed) is quite characteristic. 
  4. ACONITUM NAPELLUS: a very strong remedy for panic attacks/anxiety disorder in a (very) high degree, where a triggering event (such as experiencing near-to-death situations) have provoked such an upheaval in the organism, that these people for months or even years get panic attacks “out of the blue”, with numbness, palpitations, a strong fear of death/imminent danger, dryness of mouth and thirst. 


In a similar, individualised way we decide on the right remedy (‘Simillimum’) of a person to strengthen their immune system. There are thousands of possible homoeopathic remedies for each person, so it requires lengthy documentation of patient history (anamnesis) to be able to know each one’s best homoeopathic remedy, in a way that their immune-system can function ideally.

We offer the possibility to have a homoeopathic medical session via telemedicine (discussion on Viber, Messenger, Skype etc.)

This is a list of possible herbs/foods that can boost the immune system.

  1. Garlic (either as a food or as a supplement)
  2. Turmeric with black pepper
  3. Vitamin D 4000 IU with K2 daily
  4. Vitamin C 1000 mg daily 
  5. Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus)
  6. Kefir (special fungus which boosts our gut-flora) 
  7. Foods rich in antioxidants like broccoli, fresh onions, red beet, blueberry, raspberry, oregano 
  8. Propolis and bee pollen (bee-products)

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