Holistic Strategies To Help Reduce Cancer Risk

09/10/2023, Kamalaya

While our vulnerability to cancer is partly rooted in genetics, a substantial body of evidence suggests that by making strategic lifestyle choices, we can markedly reduce cancer risks.

Longevity can be achieved by adopting positive habits like a nourishing diet, regular exercise and sleep, as well as by reducing negative practices – like smoking and drinking alcohol. Then by taking proactive measures to stay safe, avoid stress and do regular screenings, you can support a life potentially free of life-threatening diseases, such as cancer.

Here the wellness experts at Kamalaya share their holistic strategies to help pre-emptively guard against cancer and promote a long and healthy lifestyle:

Adopt a nourishing diet 

Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains minimises the risk of several cancer types. Eliminating processed foods and reducing red meat consumption can foster cellular health and impede the development of malignancies. 

Holistic Strategies To Help Reduce Cancer Risk

Optimal weight management

A healthy weight isn’t merely an aesthetic goal, it’s a pivotal factor when it comes to avoiding chronic illness and cancer. This often complements diet and exercise, forming a triad that amplifies our physical wellbeing.

Engage in regular exercise

Daily physical activity not only keeps our weight in check but also helps protect our bodies against numerous health conditions, including cancer. Whether it’s a brisk walk, cycling or a yoga session, keeping active enhances our body’s defence mechanisms.

Holistic Strategies To Help Reduce Cancer Risk

Eliminating tobacco and limiting alcohol 

Tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption are notorious for their carcinogenic properties. By quitting smoking and moderating alcohol intake, we reduce our susceptibility to several cancers.

Sufficient sleep 

Adequate and quality sleep isn’t just about feeling rested, our bodies rejuvenate and rebuild while we sleep – staving off diseases, including cancer. When we sleep, our cells embark on a journey of repair and regeneration, a process that is essential for stimulating our immune system and maintaining a robust defence. Also, during the deeper phases of sleep, our bodies release specific hormones that aid in the management of stress and anxiety, increasing our overall health and wellness.

Holistic Strategies To Help Reduce Cancer Risk

Protective screening and vaccination

Regular screenings for various cancer types and adhering to vaccination schedules, particularly for HPV, can proactively reduce cancer’s onset. For example, Kamalaya’s NK Cells Tests & Treatment provides invaluable insights into the state of your immune system, offering a preventative and constructive approach towards managing health and reducing the risk of cancer.

Stress management

Addressing and managing stress through mindfulness practices, meditation and engaging in wellness activities such as a retreat fosters a sense of serenity for both the mind and the body. Often overlooked, stress is a silent instigator of chronic illness and diseases like cancer.

Holistic Strategies To Help Reduce Cancer Risk

Sun safety

Protecting your skin by avoiding excessive sun exposure, using SPF and donning protective clothing safeguards you against skin cancer – preserving both your skin’s vitality and cellular integrity. In addition, regular dermatological check-ups and self-examinations to monitor any changes or abnormalities in skin appearance can serve as an essential preventative strategy against cancer.

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