Hiking For Longevity Programme Q&A With A Healing Holidays Customer

02/04/2024, Healing Holidays

We recently sat down with one of our customers to find out exactly what they thought of the brand new Hiking For Longevity programme at Palazzo Fiuggi.

There are many hiking programmes around. What makes this so special? 

The special element of this programme is its ethos of “walking by time and not walking by distance”. This means everyone gets to walk for 3 hours, but covers a different distance subject to everyone’s chosen speed. Whilst there is a final destination to reach, one does not necessarily have to reach the peak, but instead can walk at their own pace. If you combine this ethos together with the food line, the HPM analysis (High performance method) and all the other inclusions then you have a unique weight loss, non-starvation based programme ,which works as the science behind its design has demonstrated to me.

You’ve done the programme twice now. What did you enjoy most it?

There is so much to say about what I enjoyed most that it’s difficult to point at just one element. I think in general what I enjoyed the most is the transformation it offers to body and mind ,which I didn’t believe would happen, until I witnessed it myself and saw that it actually happened. I didn’t believe the combination of walking and the food line would combine to contribute to actual measurable fat loss and muscle gain. Also, the peace and quiet I enjoyed whilst out there on the hikes helped me to forget everything in life I needed to forget about.

How would you describe the food you eat on the programme? 

Simply put the food line is stunning. I don’t enjoy calorie restrictive diets for the aim of weight loss, but the food line designed for this programme is just the opposite. Real quality, tasty and beautifully presented 3 Michelin star food, including pasta, fish, meat and all the vegetables and grains to offer a 360 degree approach to nutrition. The quantity also was generous at 1900 calories daily, which one would think would be too much, but is not when considering the hiking involved and all the other activities of the day.

Is the programme suitable for any fitness level? 

Absolutely yes, as long as participants are able to walk and have no disabilities. The hikes are different each day offering a different challenge, however the guides on hand are so professional and helpful and always look out for everyone’s individual needs. This means no one is ever left alone no matter their ability and pace. Faster walkers will move forward and find their own way following the well flagged paths, whilst slower walkers will be in company of the guides who will ensure they do not feel left out.

What did you find were the main benefits of the programme? 

As mentioned earlier, the transformational effect on body and mind. The interaction with nature, something I do not experience living in a big city like London. The still and quietness experienced once found alone on the mountains and the ability to close out all negative thoughts and focus on the moment. The quality of the air and the knowledge that I am breathing the cleanest of air with zero effects of pollution and at an altitude which challenged my cardiovascular system. The discovery of science-based results, following 2 HPM sessions and the professional advice and guidance on how to work to improve and adjust the musculoskeletal system.

What time of year do you think is best to do the programme? 

Mid-March, we left each morning with a temperature of around 5-6 degrees at 8am, but as we reached mid-morning the numbers raised to the mid-teens. Under the sun with these temperatures, we would all carry a few layers of clothing so I would imagine March to June would be the perfect months as would September to November. I would imagine for those who enjoy a real challenge July and August would provide that. Apart from temperatures of course, one will experience different flora and colours and atmosphere as the seasons change, but all seasons will offer their own unique delights.  

What is the most important advice you would give to someone who wants to do the programme? 

I would say to arrive with proper hiking gear i.e. boots most important and breathable fabric clothing. This is paramount, followed by an open mind to trust in the professional team who deliver each aspect of the programme and allow them to do what they do in order to gain and maximise all the possible benefits.

If this blog has got you interested in starting your wellness journey call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

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