Food Philosophy At Palazzo Fiuggi

Find out more about the unique food philosophy at Palazzo Fiuggi.

The Palazzo Fiuggi Food Line was created by senescence and genetics expert Prof. David Della Morte Canosci in partnership with the resident three-star Michelin chef Heinz Beck, who holds an honorary degree in Natural Bio-Energies and Naturopathy. Food Line provides a supportive routine that includes a balanced calorie intake, a focused activity programme, and a customised combination of nutrients to activate the molecular pathways that promote cellular rejuvenation.


Effective nutrition, combined with regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, is one of the most important factors in living a better and longer life. A panel of epigenetic tests is included in the initial diagnosis when a guest's primary goal is to detox and maintain a stable and healthy weight. They go beyond simple dietary and biochemical evaluations, assessing the most fundamental genetic components, comprehending the body's relationship with the external environment, and prescribing the interventions and activities required to preserve long-term health.


Chef Heinz Beck and Prof. David Della Morte Canosci have launched a fresh and wholly unique diet approach with the Palazzo Fiuggi Food Line, which successfully targets fat loss without compromising muscle mass. Guests are not required to follow a strict diet at Food Line. Instead, it uses the power of critical minerals and micronutrients to make delectable meals that help you lose weight safely and without hunger. Chef Beck's perfectly honed cooking techniques and use of health-promoting aromatic herbs guarantee a delectable cuisine.


Naturally, Fiuggi water is an important aspect in achieving optimal health and fitness. The mineral content of the spring aids in the removal of pollutants that cause oxidative stress and inflammation in our immune system, resulting in premature ageing. Its detoxifying properties aid in the restoration of balance and maintenance of the endogenous defence system, which is so important for our long-term health.


The purity, nutritional quality, and seasonality of particular ingredients are all important factors in even the most painstakingly planned and calibrated meals. Palazzo Fiuggi is situated in a fertile landscape with easy access to the greatest organic and biodynamic fruits and vegetables in the area. Some components are cultivated in the Palazzo's own vegetable garden, while others are hand-picked from the best suppliers in the region, emphasising and supporting the principles of eco-sustainability and circular economy.

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