Ayurveda Tips for The Autumn

06/10/2019, Vana

As we fall into the Sharad Ritu (Autumn Season) Vana's Ayurvedic doctor has shared some effective tips for keeping healthy in the Autumn. These have been customised to the Ayurvedic doshas and should be followed as closely as possible. 


  1. It is best to avoid exposure to strong winds and a cool breeze. Exercise is best in the morning and should be avoided in the evening.
  2. Choose to only eat when you have an appetite. During this season, foods that are slightly sweeter can have many benefits for Vatas.
  3. Use a vetiver paste or scrub during or after a shower in order to soothe a potential fire increase in your system.
  4. A coconut oil massage is recommended to keep Vata under control. 


  1.  Wear light coloured and loose clothes to allow air circulation throughout the body. It is also best to avoid heat accumulation and direct exposure to sunlight. Avoid steam and sauna during this period.
  2. A gentle stroll in the moonlight (particularly on full moon nights) will balance an aggravated pitta.
  3. Pearl ornaments can also help keep the body and mind cool.
  4. Use Chandan (sandalwood) in the form of a paste or scrub during or after a shower to cool down an aggravated fire.
  5. Virechan (cleansing through purgation) under medical supervision, can be very helpful for people who suffer from pitta imbalances.
  6. Choose foods which have a combination of bitter and astringent tastes. Avoid sour and salty foods. 


  1. Avoid exposure to strong winds and cold breeze, especially at night. Regular exercise in the morning is recommended.
  2. Use Triphala, in the form of a paste or scrub, during or after a shower. This will balance an increased Kapha.
  3. Choose food which hold a combination of bitter and astringent tastes. Avoid sour and salty foods. 

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