An Interview With L'Albereta's Federica Bevilacqua

28/08/2019, Federica Bevilacqua, L'Albereta

Nestled high on a vine-clad hilltop in Lombardy, L’Albereta, an ivy-covered villa, is a world away from the minimalist spas that dot Europe. It oozes old-time glamour with its old master paintings and frescoes and yet it’s also home to the state-of-the-art, multi award-winning Espace Chenot. You come here for incredible lymphatic drainage, mud wraps and meridian-boosting jet baths – it will kick start your sluggish organs and get your stamina back. We recently caught up with their Spa manager, Federica Bevilacqua to get the lowdown on this award-winning Spa.

1. At L’Albereta, the core of your programmes is the Henri Chenot method. What is this in simple terms?

Over forty five years of research and experience, the Chenot Method is a unique combination of treatments and diet that in synergy aim to protect effectively the body from damage and toxins accumulation and premature aging.

The protocols of these treatments are collectively known as the Chenot Method and combine the principles of Chinese medicine with the latest scientific advances in medicine and state of the art diagnostic technology.

The Chenot Method is based on three natural body functions that are necessary to life:

  • The elimination of damaged cells and removal of cell impurities that accumulate as a product of living 
  • The assimilation of nutrients needed for metabolism
  • The regeneration and repair of tissues

The alternation of these cycles over each day is part of a harmonious biological clock. Respecting and encouraging the natural biological rhythms allows the entire body to perform vital cellular functions while maintaining maximum efficiency and optimum balance.

According to Henri Chenot, who established the Chenot Method, the detoxification techniques used, the activation of the energy channels, the stimulation of physiological functions and the diet plan, all combined trigger preventive and regenerative actions. These are essential for restoring balance and preserving an excellent state of vitality according to each individual’s unique mental and physical resources. If the body loses its natural ability to expel toxins, the organs are gradually polluted creating a functional imbalance that over time becomes chronic and degenerates irreversibly.

As an intoxicated cell cannot assimilate nutrients and repair, the elimination/detoxification treatments always proceed to all other actions. In this way, the cells become more efficient to exchanging molecules. Thus, they are facilitated first to receive from the diet the nutrients that they require for proper function and repair, and then to expel the organic waste products.

During this time of treatments, bio-energetic interventions are performed, giving pure energy to the body and distributing it to all cells. This intends to re-establish the optimal flow of energy to all vital organs and revitalize the body.

2. You have a strong medical team onsite. Do you do diagnostics? If so, what do you do on site?

The medical check ups and state-of-the-art diagnostics available at L'Albereta allow specialised medical professionals to assess the guest’s current health status in a holistic and systemic way, to understand individual needs and create a plan for customised treatments. As a person’s state of health is largely derived from the interaction between their genetic profile and their way of living and lifestyle, our advanced medical screening tests are also focused on measuring lifestyle biomarker levels. It is our daily habits that dictate our state of health to a large extent and we therefore need to explore these in more depth. Some of the diagnostics available are listed below.

  • Biological Analysis
  • Arterial age assessment
  • Minerals and heavy metal intoxication analysis
  • Oxidative stress assessment  
  • Dietetic consultation
  • Food intolerance assessment
  • The glycemic Index
  • Bio-energetic check-up
  • Body composition assessment

3. You have normal restaurants serving delicious food, is it not very difficult to be on a controlled diet or detox plan whilst staying at L’Albereta?

It is very easy instead! Those who choose the Chenot Care at L’Albereta have an exclusive Restaurant and areas dedicated to having breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have a team completely dedicated to the curists, from the Master Chef, the Maitre, to the waiters ... every detail is designed to make it a gourmet experience.

4. What’s sort of exercise and activities do you do on a typical day at l’Albereta?

L'Albereta offers various group activities and the possibility of carrying out personalized sessions with a personal trainer. Some of the exercises and activities available are listed below

  • Fitness activities and water gym 
  • Personal training - Pilates
  • Kinesis
  • Full body stretch
  • Core training
  • Outdoor gym
  • Active
  • V2 max plus reformer
  • Yoga – OBA massage
  • Nordic walking
  • High performance sports training

5. How easy is it to explore the beautiful countryside surrounding L’Albereta?

It is easy to explore the beautiful countryside in Franciacorta that surrounds L'Albereta, thanks to personalised tours with a driver.

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