An Insight into Rancho La Puerta's Special Retreats

06/01/2020, Rancho La Puerta

Being one of the world’s first destination spas for those searching for a place to come to get in shape and pick up healthy habits, Rancho La Puerta is well known for it's variety of highly specialised retreats. We have received an in-depth guide into each of the property's programmes so you can decide which is best for you.

Perfect Balance Sabbatical

January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020

Many of us may have taken a healing holiday before, only to return to the same frenzied schedule of our daily lives. However, imagine changing your life in a way so you can achieve the perfect balance of when relaxing, playing, movement and stillness can all work together to fuel your greater mission. During Rancho La Puerta’s Perfect Balance Sabbatical retreat, you can achieve and by working less hours but still making a greater impact. Over the 21-days, stay take this time to truly take care of yourself, to ensure your mind and body are prepares to work to their true potential for the rest of your life.

The Perfect Balance Sabbatical brings together the aspects needed to realize your body’s innate rhythm, to create an ideal diet and understand what are your highest priorities. Rancho La Puerta's team of wellness experts will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Doting Duo

February 8-15, 2020
Additional Doting Duo weeks: October 10-17, and October 17-24, 2020

Wander through the flowered paths, sink into a cozy hammock and dive into the star-lit hot tub with your loved one by your side at Rancho La Puerta's Doting Duo Retreat. Dine quietly for two or join a communal table on the veranda and share your experiences with souls a-like. Branch out and find out what are your favorite classes and spa treatments by the day as you enjoy your fireside reunions in the evening. This week strives to give you the opportunity to prioritize both your physical and mental wellness as well as your relationship!

Detox and Cleansing Retreat for the Healthier, Longer Life

March 14, 2020 – March 28, 2020

Created by the President of Rancho La Puerta, Sarah Livia Brightwood Szekely and Michael B. Finkelstein, M.D., F.A.C.P., A.B.I.H.M., the Detox and Cleansing Retreat is the ultimate way to reset the balance, and allow the body's cells to return to a more optimal state. Through scientific research it has been stated that intermittent fasting restores health in the short term and whilst also giving the body long-term benefits as well. However, you will only receive these benefits through a well designed programme that can offer optimum results. Rancho La Puerta offers it's guests the opportunity to take this time for yourself, to allow your body to achieve a complete recovery to the state of balance that is essential for your health moving forward. Rancho La Puerta's is proud to provide some of the most intelligent and supportive wellness experts as well as a highly supportive environment for those wanting to receive these benefits in order propel you forward in your own evolution on every level once you return to your everyday life. From your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness, be prepared to revitalise your life.

Mum-Daughter Dreams

May 9, 2020 – May 16, 2020

Take a respite from the go-go world for a memorable Mother’s Day with your daughter, mum or grandmother. Use this time for yourself and experience your favorite mind-body classes or spa treatments whilst being surrounded by the true experts of wellness. Once the day is done and you have achieved your goals, come together for some sumptuous meals and deep fireside conversations. Rancho La Puerta have a variety of workshops on honest communication, empathy, self-love and how to make each other feel seen so you can reconnect with the ones you love and cherish the most.

Family Week 2020

August 1, 2020 – August 8, 2020

This is the opportunity to really come together as a family and make memories. Play pool games, hike beautiful mountain trails and savor farm-fresh meals together. You can head off to your favorite yoga class, or pilates or fitness class whilst your children can enjoy several camp-style activities. Your children will have the opportunity to paint, drum, taste vine-ripened fruit, play exciting and mentally challenging games and hear Mexican storytelling. In the evening you can reunite for a game of Pickleball or a family-style cooking class. This week hopes to allow families to stop, take the time to appreciate each other for the moment so you can bring these newly found skills home with you when you return to daily-life.

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