The Philosophy of the Forest Cuisine

12/01/2021, Forestis

One of the main values of FORESTIS is sustainability that dictates the need to reduce the consumption of resources in all facets. This value can be seen in the Forest Cuisine of Executive Chef Roland Lamprecht. Learn more about the philosophy of the forest cuisine and sustainability at FORESTIS.


This starts with the selection and procurement of the best ingredients locally. Vegetables, fruit and herbs are sourced from local farmers in the near vicinity who employ the zero waste principle and are able to supply the best quality produce. The differing elevation of the land here enables the produce here to grow and develop the optimal balance of ripeness, flavour and appearance. This philosophy is based on the outcome of lively discussions and endeavours into which Roland and the farmers ‒ for whom every product has a personality of its own and is placed in the spotlight ‒ have put their hearts and minds.

This means that all food that arrives on the table at FORESTIS has an individual history written, as it were, by Roland, who not only visits his local farmers personally but also goes on expeditions to the lemon groves around Lake Garda and the fish market of Verona to find the very best ingredients for his dishes.

The Philosophy of the Forest Cuisine at FORESTIS | HEALING HOLIDAYS


The Forest Cuisine is named by Roland because of his partiality for all things natural and originates in his closeness to nature. While still a child, Roland would carefully observe how his mother prepared foods. Showing him the many different techniques that could be used to process and naturally preserve the riches provided by the forest and field. She taught him to respect nature and love fine cuisine. Which is why even today, whenever he has a free moment, he is out scouting the nearby woods with an eye to finding fungi and herbs, edible plants and roots.

Roland's love for nature is accompanied by a high regard for the traditional cuisine of South Tyrol. Hence, the FORESTIS Forest Cuisine combines his expertise in sourcing natural produce with his passion for local traditions to create delectable dishes. It represents for him a dream come true.

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