A Day In The Life Of A Hiking For Longevity Programme Guest

26/03/2024, Healing Holidays

In this article, you'll get an insight into what a typical day looks like on Palazzo Fiuggi's Hiking For Longevity programme.

7 – 7.45am

An old Italian saying goes“La mattina ha l’oro in bocca” literally meaning- “Gold is in the morning’s mouth” or to better put it in English, morning hours are golden, since it’s the best time to activate the body and be productive. This is why the first official appointment of the day is a 7am breakfast, that could be a variety of delicious dishes, such as poached eggs with avocado and toast, or a nice plate of porridge with fresh berries. Breakfast is served in Palazzo Fiuggi’s dining room, which is a warm, welcoming area. A beautiful wooden imperial table, welcomes all guests on which meals are shared family style. Group settings can be intimidating but all guests quickly relax and enjoy the social dynamic that is also a big part of the programme. Conversations, laughs and giggles are usually part of each meal. During breakfast, the programme guides come and say good morning to the group and give out the morning snacks that guests will enjoy during the hike. This is also the moment in which guides remind guests of the logistics of the hikes, introduce the hiking guides of the day and give out the radios.

7:45am – 1pm

Around 7:45, the group starts getting ready to pack up, and by 8:00 usually the entire group is on the van, ready to leave. As the vans leave, the guide will share the driving time, which is around 15 to max of 30 minutes. Upon arrival, the group is set up to hike: backpacks are delivered back to each guest, walking sticks are given out, and an eco-friendly Green latrine pack is given out to each guest in case they should need it. Bug spray, sun screen, electro lights, extra snacks, rain ponchos are also available upon request. Before the group leaves, the programme guide of the day reminds the group of the specific logistics of the hike and interesting information on the location. A radio check is done and the hiking starts. The flags are already placed as the group starts hiking. The guests follow the flags with the support of the guides that are placed in the front, middle and back of the group. Usually at the start, the group is quite compact but around 30 minutes into the hike the different speeds and rhythms start coming out. Depending on need the guests can hike on their own, some find chatting partners, some relax and enjoy the guides company, but there is always the freedom to choose. Upon booking there is also the chance to request a private guide that will stick to the guest throughout the entire hike, to assure freedom to do whatever they please. If needed also to go back to the hotel even after 20 minutes of hiking or just have that extra mental support while still enjoying the group setting. Around half way through the hike the turnaround call is made. This is a way to keep guests informed on more or less at what moment of the hike they are, and also a reminder to enjoy their tasty snack and to maybe take a break if needed. Announcements are made during the hike every 15-20 minutes or so. It's a nice way to remain in contact with the guests that maybe are pushing themselves and enjoying the hiking separated from the group, and share some interesting information and useful hiking tips. Guides can talk about flora, fauna, historical and practical hiking information, and sometime guests also have fun sending radio announcements to the rest of the group. Upon returning to the vans, a guide is there to welcome back the guests and collect radios, walking sticks and bags. They also offer a nice cool lavender towel for guests to freshen up with and clean their faces and hands prior to getting in the vans. The drives back to the hotel are usually quite silent, some guests close their eyes and take a little nap, and some chat softly in the background as fresh air comes in from the windows. Arrival time to the hotel is usually from 12 to 12:30, and guests have time to go up to their rooms and shower before they come back down for lunch, which is served at 1pm in the Hiking For Longevity dining area.

A Day In The Life Of A Hiking For Longevity Programme Guest

1 - 2pm

Lunch time is the brightest time of the day, in which Palazzo Fiuggi’s common room becomes particularly beautiful. Big glass windows let the light in while music is played in the background. As guests chat at the common table and enjoy some fresh water, the programme guide introduces the first course that is a light yet delicious starter. It can vary from veggies smartly prepared, such as bean foam with marinated courgette; or a tasty prawn salad or local fish served with a delicious side of green veggies. The main course is usually a traditional Italian dish such as cacio e pepe, or a nice risotto with tartar of fish on top. The perfect balance between culture, taste, and a perfectly structured meal. Satisfying the body without being too filling, since the afternoon is also filled with activities. In fact, the evening before guests receive the daily agenda for their next day. This means that guests already know their massage and treatment times, potential extra appointments they've booked and the group classes that are always open, available to join (set up just for the hiking programme) and fixed in the afternoons.

A Day In The Life Of A Hiking For Longevity Programme Guest

2 - 19.15pm

By 2pm, guests are already off. The Roman Therme Spa is usually the place to go to after lunch. Kneipp in fact is one of Palazzo Fiuggi’s guest’s favourites, immediately after the hike or after lunch. Very soothing, it’s a great way to recover and start the afternoon stimulating the circulatory system, toning the capillary walls and reducing inflammation in the lower body that can be quite sore after hiking. But apart from the complimentary access to the Roman Therme Spa, guests also  have a variety of activities in the afternoon included in the programme such as a personalised body massage, and two groups classes to join if they feel like it. The first class is at 3pm, the movement experience class. A deep stretch while reinforcing the upper body such as core, arms and back is provided in the beautiful movement lab; and at 5pm, a yoga class, that is a relaxing stretch. Of course both classes are included but not obligatory, depending on their level of energy and their objectives, guests might choose to do all classes or none of them. Also, because, some guests also enjoy extra treatments available in structure to ensure their 360° wellness transformation. In fact, there are over 40 pages of Spa and Medical treatments available for guests to book as extras. They can vary from having the best Italian hairdressers come and do their hair to getting their nails done, enjoying an Instant glow Barbara Strum facial or the very requested hydrotherapy- 3 step ritual facial. On the medical side, there's lots to pick from as well. Colon Hydrotherapy, scans, ultrasounds, Cryotherapy, and also don’t forget the medical aesthetics department that is also available too. Lots to do. In any case, guests all know very well that a delicious afternoon smoothie will be waiting for them in Palazzo Fiuggi’s Tisaneria. Every day a different refreshing and tasty combination is offered.

A Day In The Life Of A Hiking For Longevity Programme Guest

19.15 – 20.30pm

After an afternoon dedicated to activities, or a much needed afternoon of relaxation and pampering, dinner is served at 19:15 in the Hiking For Longevity area. Candles are lit, soft music plays in the background, and the table is set for dinner, as the relaxed and happy faces of the guests arrive. Everyone finds a seat as the dinner starts. Some of the guests enjoy a warm local herbal tea with their dinner. A programme guides hosts dinner, introducing the courses and enjoying the meals with the guests. Dinners consists of an amazingly structured three course meal. Not to be feared though, all dishes are light, balanced and most importantly, absolutely delicious. Heinz Becks’ three star Michelin approach and re-interpretation of simple Mediterranean ingredients and cuisine brings back glory and appreciation to this special area of the Lazio region. Asparagus, mushrooms, aubergines, wild flowers and salads, fish, eggs and sometimes meat, can be part of the starters or main course. Of course, only in season and fully organic, the best quality to sustain and detox the body. For middle course, a traditional Italian meal requires, a small yet tasty plate of carbohydrates, such as pasta, grains or gnocchi. Guests are usually amazed by the perfectly structured menu and the simple yet mind-blowing flavour combinations. And even more that at the end of they stay, even if they have been eating and enjoying food, they have shed some unwanted weight and substituted it with muscle mass. The power of the Mediterranean diet finds it proof in this programme! And the best part of it all, is that each bite is delicious. Around the end of dinner, the programme guide shares some useful information regarding the next day’s hike. Terrain, views, possible challenges, options and interesting information. The guide also shares the minimum and maximum temperature of the next day and gives useful suggestions on clothing. If there are medical appointments, the guides also reminds guests to check their daily agenda that will be on their bed after they return from dinner. Dinner concludes around 20-20:30, and guests may enjoy the Hiking for Longevity area to relax and chat with other guests, or go up to their rooms to enjoy a deep, restorative sleep, and start all over again, the next morning.

A Day In The Life Of A Hiking For Longevity Programme Guest

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