3 Reasons to Join a Pilates Reformer Bootcamp at Absolute Sanctuary

04/06/2019, Healing Holidays

Oftentimes Pilates is simply grouped together with yoga as a mind-body practice. However, Joseph Pilates created his signature exercise methodology in order to improve posture many centuries after the yoga asanas were developed. Hence, Pilates exercises work to develop and strengthen the core muscles in order to adequately and effectively support the spine. The Pilates repertoire contains many unique and challenging exercise series, which are most often performed on the floor as traditional mat work. However, founder Joseph Pilates also invented the Pilates reformer machine in order to work muscles in a different way. Although Pilates reformer classes are becoming more readily available, Absolute Sanctuary in Koh Samui hosts one of the only dedicated Pilates reformer programmes in the world. Read below to discover the biggest benefits of enrolling in a Pilates Reformer Bootcamp.


Your core is comprised of your abdominal or trunk muscles, and when you practise Pilates, these powerhouse muscles will be activated. Consistent muscular activation will not only build up your core strength but getting in the routine of Pilates will also help to trim excess flab from around your midriff. An intensive Pilates regime will target abdominal fat and once the fat is eliminated, your abdominal muscles will become more distinguished.  Aside from aesthetic benefits, the strength gained in your core will support your posture, which can relieve tension and stress from the rest of the body. You will notice that your mood improves as your posture improves and you will make positive impressions when you meet new people with your open, confident body language.


Although Pilates was created to strengthen the core region, many of the exercises require a large range of motion. This means that more muscles will be used throughout your Pilates reformer workout, allowing you to exercise and tone the entire body. As you use the Pilates reformer machine, your arm and leg muscles will work against the resistance of the spring weighted system. You will gain strength and tone up your body from head to toe because working out on the Pilates reformer will not make muscles too bulky. The exercises are not too intensely strenuous so you will be able to complete multiple reps. When you participate in a Pilates reformer retreat, you will exercise your muscles evenly, which will result in an even formation of your musculature.


Whether or not you already practice Pilates mat work, supplementing your normal fitness regime with exercise on the Pilates reformer will benefit you both mentally and physically. You will learn new exercises and new variations on mat exercises that you may already know, which will keep your mind active during your fitness sessions.  Even once you can easily recall the exercises, performing them correctly requires concentration. The challenge will likely entice you to continue the regime in order to perfect the Pilates exercises and advance to more difficult modifications. The reformer machine will also work out your muscles in a different way because of its unique spring weighted system, so you will wake up muscles that are often inactive. For this reason, Pilates reformer training is a great supplement to any fitness routine. 

The benefits of exercising on a Pilates reformer and learning the correct techniques at a Pilates reformer boot camp retreat encompass building a strong core, improving posture, shaping up the entire body and offering a brain boost. The Pilates reformer boot camp at Absolute Sanctuary lasts 7 nights and includes 3 spa cuisine meals per day in addition to juices and smoothies. The programme begins with a wellness consultation, including Bio Impedance analysis, and postural analysis to learn more about you and your personal needs. During your stay, you can participate in 2 group Pilates reformer classes per day and have access to unlimited group fitness classes. Private Pilates reformer classes will address your specific issues and exit consultations will prepare you to continue your practice at home.

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