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Paulo - September 2019

I went for the Discover COMO Shambhala programme wanting some relaxation and enticed by photos of this beautiful resort. Well, it was even more stunning in person! I instantly felt so much calmer and relaxed and that was before I had even had any treatments! I was very impressed by the spa menu as well as the skills of the therapists, the COMO Shambhala massage was a personal favourite of mine. I felt so blissed out that I am already looking forward to returning, I've got my eye on the Oriental Medicine retreat next...

Lauren - May 2019

I have just got back from the Be Active retreat at COMO Shabhala Estate and have found it to be such a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I have always tried to keep fit, but this retreat really helped me to learn how I can improve myself even further, the personal trainer sessions helped me to correct some minor mistakes I've been making and I'm already noticing that my workouts feel much more effective. The massages were a great addition and really helped to soothe any achey muscles. I'm really eager to come back and do the programme again, I've told my friends about it so hopefully I will have a companion next time too!

Rajesh - February 2019

I have always favoured holistic healing techniques and when I came across COMO Shambhala's Oriental Medicine retreat I knew right away that it sounded right for me. The acupuncture was amazing and I really liked that there was a variety of options for the massages so I could pick what felt best for me. I think part of what made this retreat so enjoyable had to be the beautiful surroundings as well, I felt miles away from everything, it was so calming. I feel so rejuvenated now I'm back from my retreat, I will certainly be recommending it to my friends.

Toni - July 2018

COMO Shambhala provided the perfect place for me, and I wouldn't have found it without your suggestions. I was awed by the beautiful scenery, and I felt so peaceful during my stay. COMO Shambhala really is a unique COMO property - and it is a gem. I was able to completely re-charge my batteries. Thanks again! 

Rose - January 2018

I loved staying at COMO Shambhala. It was a completely unique experience in comparison to my previous trips to Bali, which included some spa time. I had planned on taking mostly Thai treatments, but I fell in love with the Indonesian treatments, too. I highly recommend the Javanese Royal Lulur Bath. My entire experience was fabulous! 

Kate - July 2017

My stay at COMO Shambhala exceeded all of my expectations. I loved participating in the Be Active Programme. I was thrilled to be surrounded by such beautiful nature, and it inspired me to take part in other activities like guided walks, mountain biking and even climbing! I am proud for really stretching myself, but COMO Shambhala provided the perfect environment to experiment and grow. I can't wait to tell everyone about my experience and convince my friends to go! 

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