VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth Reviews Austria, Europe
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Laurence - November 2019

Great selection and great professional and personal service.

Diane - August 2019

A beautiful peaceful setting in the lakeside. Learned a lot about the gut and digestion. Would definitely go back.

Michael - February 2016

For a man going to any spa can be quite intimidating, especially for a detox but VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth was completely different to what I was expecting. Firstly, the location was stunning, that in itself was enough to already make me feel much more relaxed. And then the staff were excellent and made me feel very comfortable. The most important thing - I really think the detox worked. It’s intense and not always the most enjoyable experience, but for the results it’s 100% worth it. I’ve lost weight and look and feel healthier, I thoroughly urge everyone to give Healing Holidays and the Mayr cure a try.

Claire - October 2015

The Mayr Cure seemed like a slightly scary idea to me at first but Healing Holidays put me at ease and convinced me to give VIVAMAYR Maria Worth a try, and I’m so glad I did. The results are incredible, I went primarily to detox and was worried that I would be left starving and miserable the entire time, but this wasn’t the case. You still get to eat nutritious meals which along with the treatments have made me feel 10 years younger, I have so much more energy, I lost some weight and just look overall healthier. I am going to try and stick to some of the Mayr principles now back at home, but I do hope to return at some stage too. 

Michelle - August 2015

I decided to contact Healing Holidays about going on a detox after feeling quite run down, bloated, and generally not myself for a while, and they recommended I try VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth. I took the advice and I'm so glad I did. After some tests and examinations, the miracle-workers at VIVAMAYR uncovered exactly what my problem was (poor diet unfortunately...) and gave me recommendations on how to imrpove. Following their advice, eating the meals, and having various treatments during my stay, I instantly felt a difference, I will definitely be continuing to follow their advice even now I'm back at home.

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