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Trudy - January 2020

Lanserhof Lans is a very serious clinic, it’s the perfect place if you’re looking to truly make a difference, in my experience some medical spas can be a bit too fluff and light, but with the strict diet and expertise I knew I was getting the best.

A detox is never easy, but once I was past the first few days the exhaustion lifted and I started to truly appreciate how much better I was feeling already, both emotionally and physically.

After my visit I felt lighter, calmer, I had lost five pounds and had a new understanding of the importance of taking time for myself to recharge. Even my husband noticed a change, so much so he’s now booked in for a week himself later this year.

Natasha - January 2019

This was the perfect way to kick-start my new year, being able to clear out and detox the previous year from my mind and body allowed me to start anew in 2019. Lansherhof was a no-nonsense medi-spa that knew just what I needed, the expertise of the medical professions blew my mind, the programme and diet plan that was prescribed truly did the trick. I feel revived, renewed and ready to take on this new year.

Simon - September 2018

Lanserhof is a beautifully scenic and relaxing place to stay if you are looking for a true detox and a chance to switch off all the noise of your busy world. One of the hardest parts of any detox is dealing with the new diet, however the meals were delicious and far more interesting that the usual Mayr menu.

The rooms were spotless and modern; you immediately feel the luxury and quality when you walk in. The highlight for me was the treatments; the deep muscular massage in particular was my favourite. I’d recommend booking in extra treatments as the experts here truly know what they’re doing, and it’s worth taking advantage of during your stay.

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