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Dr Petra Dehm - Villa Stephanie

Dr Petra Dehm, working as a specialist in gynaecology and midwifery with a focus on naturopathic healing treatment, is one of the leading natural hormone experts in Europe. Dr Dehm has been a partner of Brenners Medical Care since June 2013 and is an expert in the fields of human identical hormone therapy, phytotherapy, homoeopathy and acupuncture.

At Villa Stephanie, she provides therapies with yam-derived, human-identical hormones for hormonal problems (regarding, for instance, menopausal complaints, mood swings, vitality deficiencies, premenstrual syndrome and fertility treatment), therapies for ovarian cysts using phytotherapy, shrinking fibroids using human-identical hormones, therapies for endometriosis using human-identical hormones, naturopathic therapies for dysmenorrhoea (painful menstruation) and naturopathic therapies for chronic infections in the field of gynaecology.

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1. What is the basic philosophy of Villa Stephanie?

Villa Stephanie, a grand mansion house devoted entirely to the spa world, is located on the Lichtentaler Allee and offers maximum privacy, housing only and houses a total of only 15 guest rooms. The property is a place for both contemplation and exercise. 

Villa Stephanie and Haus Julius offer a holistic approach to wellbeing and healthcare, which combines long-term expertise with customised programs to provide individually tailored care. With over 30 years of spa experience at Villa Stephanie, the expertise of our spa practitioners, fitness instructors and therapists allows us to provide an experience that is truly gratifying at every level with our Four Pillars of Villa Stephanie: Beauty, Detox & Nutrition, Emotional Balance and Medical Care. 

2. What makes Villa Stephanie different from other wellness/fitness resorts?

The privacy and the individual service we offer sets us apart from other wellness resorts. Guests coming to visit Villa Stephanie will step into a world of unique and customised services. Our treatment rooms are equipped with an integrated changing cabinet and private shower, which allows you to enter and leave the SPA in total discretion. With our private sauna area and private gym, our guests enjoy the full SPA experience away from public sight.

Our sports and wellness offer is beyond the norm and probably one of the finest, as we offer kickboxing with a world champion and shiatsu with a master of the art. That said, what really makes us more than a wellness and fitness resort is the offer of medical treatments in a very elegant surrounding. Attached directly to the Villa Stephanie, you will find Europe’s top health professionals with advanced diagnostics at their disposal. Before and after any procedure you have the calm surroundings of our hotel, spa and park which make the recovery as pleasant an experience as ever possible.

3. What are Villa Stephanie’s most popular programmes?

Our Detox and Weight-Loss packages are the most popular, probably because we have a very individual approach to cater to our guests. It is important for us that our guests realize, that for example losing weight does not have to be connected to a limited amount of food, it is more the combination and type of food you choose. We help to find an individual menu and teach our guests how they can continue their “life-change” afterwards without sacrificing much of their personal life.

4. How does Villa Stephanie as a destination spa support your guests to find the right treatments?

After you choose your treatment, everything else is taken care of in the cabin with your therapist. The trained specialists will look at your health in a holistic manner and tailor the treatment to suit you. This individualisation will help the healing treatments to yield the highest benefits. An individual massage combination can also be arranged, where guests may choose the best out of Lomi-Lomi, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu… techniques in one treatment. We named this our “Massage Menu”. 

5. Are there specific places to reflect and spaces to socialise in Villa Stephanie?

When refurbishing our Villa Stephanie, we created several spots where people can meet, just relax or meditate. Our “Le Salon” however is probably the centre spot, where our guests can enjoy a fabulous variety of books from different genres be it architecture, art, music or travel. Board games like chess or backgammon invite guests to socialise there, too. There are plenty of spaces to both reflect on your own and to interact with other guests – including the nearby local sites! 

6. Who will most benefit from a stay at Villa Stephanie?

I strongly believe that everybody can benefit from a stay at Villa Stephanie, however, guests that arrive with the intent to change something, (for example:. losing weight or eating more healthfully), will likely benefit longer from their stay than others. Although our programmes will help to improve health in general, those with a clear focus of their goals will learn the most and best understand how to apply the information they learn with us in their daily lives once they return home. 

7. What are the benefits, short-term and long-term, of a stay?

Focusing on our weight-loss programs, the short term effects are that we help to completely re-educate our guests. From the beginning, we overcome the first hurdle by showing them that clean eating can be very tasty and that sport can be fun. However, losing weight is a marathon and not a sprint. To help our guests even after their stay, we share recipes, cooking ideas, nutrition plans, exercise tutorials and other ideas with them, so they can continue with what they started here with us. 

8. What is the best time to go to Villa Stephanie?

As we offer a very rich activity plan for our guests (over 25 activities per week), which changes according to the season, so you will always find something interesting to do. Additionally, Baden-Baden has a stunning variety of cultural and natural highlights you can discover, like the famous opera house or the casino. Although picturesque year-round, I personally like the spring, as the gardens in Baden-Baden are in full blossom with crocus!

9. Is there a minimum stay at Villa Stephanie?

The majority of our health packages are based on longer stays, from 7 to 10 days. These programmes were consciously created with these durations in order to help guests achieve true lifestyle change and maximum results. We believe this makes our programmes most effective.

10. What is the most important advice you would give to someone who wants to do a wellness or fitness spa vacation?

Always look for something which is good for your body, soul and mind. The combination of all 3 aspects will always increase your SPA experience. 

If this interview has got you interested in starting your wellness journey at Villa Stephanie call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here .

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