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15/05/2022, The Times, Elaine Kingett

At the Lefay Resort on the shores of Lake Garda, Elaine Kingett, 72, tries an ambitious new science-based spa programme. Read below for her review.

"My yin is out of sync with my yang, my spleen’s messed up because I think too much, my chi is stagnated because I can’t let go of past grudges, and I’ve got to stop the vodka. My left knee is giving me gyp because I have difficulty accepting the trauma caused by men in my past, my lack of ability to concentrate is cause for serious concern, and I need to get out more and have (non-alcoholic) fun with friends. I’m 72 but I look like I go to the gym; my internal energy is strong and my kidneys are better than they should be — despite the vodka — for a woman of my age. So say the doctors at Lefay Resort & Spa on Lake Garda, near the town of Gargnano. "

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