Tatler - The Future of Spas

29/09/2020, Tatler, Susan D'arcy

Susan D'arcy explores how the spa experience will change in a post-COVID world with an interview with Healing Holidays founder and owner Frances Geoghegan.

"As the world cautiously begins to reopen following the first wave of the pandemic, the wellness industry is shaping up as the second frontline in the fight against the virus; with spas both supporting guests keen to reset after the trauma of lockdown as well as providing strategies to future-proof their health in the face of predicted further outbreaks. 

Dealing with disrupted sleep and anxiety top the list of guests’ issues but their main concern may cause surprise in some circles. 'They don’t really ask about hygiene protocols. They don’t ask about face masks. The thing everyone wants to know is will the experience be the same as before?' says Frances Geoghegan, founder and managing director of Healing Holidays. 'Our clients just want spas to go back to "normal". They are desperate for a massage. They are not fearful about being touched at all.'"

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