Frances Geoghegan on how spas will survive social distancing

18/06/2020, John O'Ceallaigh, The Telegraph

Spas turn to 'sound therapy' and 'gong baths' in bid to survive social distancing

Everyone has been longing to hug family and friends and it’s likely the resumption of international travel will precipitate a surge of interest in spa and wellness experiences, but how will they look in this age of social distancing and health anxiety? John O'Ceallaigh explores how Covid-19 will impact the spa and wellness industry. How they will face unique challenges in the age of Covid-19 - and can also capitalise on unique opportunities. 

Frances Geoghegan talks about how the customer needs are changing and how the spas are innovating to deliver those needs to the customer. 

"Founder of tour operator Healing Holidays, Frances Geoghegan has also seen her customers respond viscerally to the crisis, with many now taking stock and seeking a more meaningful purpose as they “tackle the issues that have raised their head during Covid-19.” Those objectives take time to fulfill and some wealthier clients are now booking spa stays for as long as three months. Dependent though we are on touch, there will also be an increase in treatments that actively avoid it – so expect spa brochures to emphasise meditation and yoga, alongside sound therapies said to induce healing through the calming reverberations of gong baths or Tibetan singing bowls. "

At the basic level, however, Frances believes “Nothing will ever take away from the human contact that we so strongly desire and need, now more than ever. The whole wellness experience is something very special.”

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