Vogue - Balancing Acts With Carol Woolton

07/02/2018, Vogue, Carol Woolton

Carol Woolton talks about how the opening of the new VIVAMAYR clinic in London is fantastic for anyone wanting to continue the Mayr diet after finishing their programme. With food experts coming in regularly to teach how to cook healthy, specialists who help you keep an eye on your vital stats, it becomes much easier to maintain a good healthy lifestyle once you return home.

"It was clear that I had slipped when I ate lunch staring at my computer. I'd fallen off the VIVAMAYR wagon. Did I chew each mouthful 40 times so as to start the vital process of digestion in my mouth? No, I wolfed it down. Exhaustively masticating an alkaline diet and eating "no raw after four" are mantras VIVAMAYR aficionados take home with them, following the famous detox programme known as the Cure. But as of this month, you no longer need to visit one of VIVAMAYR's three Austrian sites to learn it, as its first clinic outside the country opens on London's Harley Street."

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