Absolute Sanctuary Launches 6 new programmes

We spoke to Absolute Sanctuary about how the health resort has evolved over the years and what is the philosophy behind the new programmes. 

Absolute Sanctuary is the perfect destination for those that are seeking a little bit of time away from the daily grind. A relaxing environment to achieve personal goals, as well as physically and emotionally unwind. The programmes are renowned for their holistic approach to wellbeing: a total ‘mind, body and soul’ process that is often difficult to achieve in today’s fast-paced society. The six brand-new programmes for 2019 have been specifically designed to enable people to combat the stresses and fatigue of modern-day life. Guests are equipped with plans and goals to ensure that the improvements they make are in place for the long-term.

1. How has Absolute Sanctuary evolved since it's inception?

Absolute Sanctuary was officially launched on 1st April 2008, it first started off as a Detox & Yoga resort offering 3 core programs of Detox, Yoga & Spa holiday programs. Over the years Absolute Sanctuary has strengthened it's positioning to be one of Asia's Leading Wellness Fitness resort combining the best of what it's parent company Absolute You has to offer in innovative exercise programs such as yoga, group Pilates reformer classes and superfood meal programs with effective detox programs, healing spa and body therapies. Absolute Sanctuary now has 15 wellness holiday programs to adjust the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of travellers from balancing hormones to losing weight to being grounded.

2. What is the philosophy behind the new programmes?

The new programs have been specifically designed to enable people to combat the stresses and fatigues of modern-day life, they all address the underlying problems that people face today be it inadequate sleep, hormonal imbalance, Chronic pain etc. We've been noticing that many of our guests come for our weight loss /anti-stress/ fitness program as a by-product of deeper underlying problems such as hormonal or mental imbalance, lack of mindfulness and chronic fatigue and these programs seek to address these issues.

Absolute Sanctuary Launches 6 new programmes

3. What makes the Absolute Sanctuary Spa different from other Spas? 

Absolute Sanctuary prides itself in the effectiveness of its programs with results that are measurable, sustainable and maintainable.

4. What are Absolute Sanctuary's most popular programmes? 

For our existing programs, our detox programs, fitness and pilates reformer boot camp programs are the popular ones.

5. What are the benefits, short-term and long-term, of a stay at Absolute Sanctuary?

For stays of less than 7 days, guests will feel a difference in their body and start seeing changes – but long-term benefits include noticing emotional, physical and mental changes. Those who stay longer will also be able to formulate new habits that will support them back home.

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