Zulal Wellness Resort By Chiva Som Review By Lisa Hart

10/11/2023, Lisa Hart

Healing Holidays Wellness Advisor, Lisa Hart, gives us the lowdown on her recent stay at Zulal Wellness Resort By Chiva Som.

The Location

Set alongside pristine shores on the far northern tip of Qatar, Zulal is just a relaxing 90 minute journey from Doha Airport. To reach Doha from the UK takes 6½ hours on a direct flight with the wonderful Qatar Airways, which makes it an excellent choice for some off-season sun. The remote coastal location only adds to the overall tranquillity of the resort.

The Accommodation

Split into two distinct areas, there is Discovery for families, and there is Serenity, which is an adults-only environment. Between them sits the restaurants, and the wellness, spa and exercise facilities. Guest rooms are simply, yet seamlessly, thought out. My favourite, the Serenity Suites, have a plunge pool and outdoor shower with the interiors focused on natural fabrics and minimally distracting décor. The Discovery Rooms and Suites, many of which are adjoining, are similarly impressive and perfectly set up around the main pool.

Zulal Wellness Resort By Chiva Som Review By Lisa Hart

The Wellness Concept 

This is truly unique to Zulal, and offers a blend of Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine with a holistic health and wellbeing philosophy. It is all curated by the mighty Chiva Som, the award-winning Thai mothership so beloved by so many of our clients. The emphasis is on restoring balance in your life, with a multi-prong approach through their six pillars of wellness: Nutrition, Fitness, Spa, Physio, Holistic Health and Aesthetics.

Zulal is also amongst the very few retreats that cater properly for families, with young guests taken care of with the same personalised care and attention that the grown-ups receive. The Discovery Oasis is run by child psychologists, and every family has a check-in consultation, with activities planned around spending time together, whether that’s through treatments, exercise or cookery classes.

The Facilities

In a word, incredible. The sauna, steam room, Arctic cave, cold pools and hot pools offer a wide range of experiences. Sitting in the Himalayan salt room left me feeling remarkably energised, whilst the cold and hot pools provided contrasting yet invigorating sensations. The only issue I had was trying to navigate my way around and through the numerous facilities, but there was always a member of staff on hand who was happy to point me in the right direction.

Zulal Wellness Resort By Chiva Som Review By Lisa Hart

The Activities

Alongside your treatments, there are plenty of activities to further enhance your overall stay. From invigorating Tai Chi and an Abs Blast workout, to more relaxing Pranayama and meditation, there's something for everyone. The great range of options ensure that guests can choose the perfect activity that aligns with their wellness goals and preferences.

The Treatments

Amongst the many that I enjoyed, the Signature Tadleek massage and Qatari hot stone massage, performed by the very nurturing therapists, Atsala and Saranya, were particularly memorable because they were not just massages; they were therapeutic journeys that left me feeling renewed and invigorated.

Zulal Wellness Resort By Chiva Som Review By Lisa Hart

The Therapists

Across the board, exceptional, but I should give a special mention to Kedar, who led my sound bath healing sessions. The resonance of sound and vibration during these sessions transported me to a state of deep relaxation. Kedar's expertise in this therapy made it a truly enlightening experience, and his storytelling skills and charismatic personality added a unique and enjoyable element.

During my stay I also had the privilege of meeting Dr. Mubaris, a highly knowledgeable and intuitive therapist. His insights into my Earth element from Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine were incredibly accurate, and he shared deep insights about my well-being and provided valuable guidance, making my stay even more meaningful. I was prescribed traditional herbal remedies to continue my wellness journey when I got home.

The Food

The culinary journey is a marvel of both taste and presentation. The resort offers calorie-controlled menus tailored to individual needs, and they superbly balance carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The menu options vary based on the programme, ensuring dietary requirements are met, but I found everything that I ate to be both healthy and delicious.

Zulal Wellness Resort By Chiva Som Review By Lisa Hart

The Verdict

I cannot pinpoint just one element that I loved about Zulal - their incredibly-talented therapists, exceptional culinary offerings, the warm and friendly staff, the variety of holistic therapies, the range of activities, its stunning location and an overall atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. All combined to create a truly extraordinary experience unlike anywhere else that I have previously been.

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